Wings Phoenix: Appeal for a Miracle

By Wings Phoenix
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

This is a terrible post. This post is pain, this post is desperation. I am asking for help. I ASK FOR REPOSTS, MONEY AND A MIRACLE!

On the photo is a fighter of the 79th Brigade. I will not mention his name; I have smeared his face – exactly as dictated by Facebook rules and by rules of common sense. He is lying in the Central military hospital in Kiev. We had trouble finding him–he got “lost” in the process of evacuation from Kharkiv, he survived cardiac arrest on the plane.

He has been diagnosed with something terrible–a penetrating shrapnel injury of the left temporal lobe of the brain.

He was wearing a helmet. You can see one of these helmets on the photo; I took the picture two days ago in the camp of the brigade near Sloviansk. Oh yes, Kevlar. That is kind of cool… only it is of Ukrainian production, an experimental batch from the beginning of the 2000s. Kevlar material is not eternal; it requires special attention and protection. And if the technology is not followed–it crumbles to dust.

“But this is a Kevlar helmet, that is so cool, it is cooler than a steel helmet from 1942 –probably thought the rats from the rear. And did not change them. Edik had such a helmet. He is 19 years old.

HE IS 19 YEARS OLD! Edik is in a coma. His condition is a bit better than stable. But the brain is damaged. He was injured on Monday night, last week. A column of the 79th Brigade broke through 3 ambushes and cleared up Krasny Liman.

And the brigade is still there, working.

I hate the incredible properties of time. When you are waiting for news from guys who went into battle–it stretches like rubber. When you need to gather money in time and buy out some helmets–it shrinks to a pea-size.

I got hold of 400 Kevlar helmets, Schubert M826. 400 fighters. 400 heads can be protected from shrapnel. 100 euro per helmet. 40,000 euros. Paid 189,000 hrivnyas.

I ask for help. From everyone. I have phoned and shook up all the regular “donors.” I am willing to borrow money. I have invested my last savings–30,000 hrivnyas. So catastrophically little.

I beg of you–help. On Friday I need to be in time to deliver helmets to the brigades–25, 72 and 79. [Ed. Note: Wings Phoenix initiative collected the needed amount in 24 hours. In fact, they collected not 500K Hryvnias [USD $42,542] but 1.5 million Hryvnias [USD $127,627]! Nonetheless, the need remains: helmets, body armor, thermal imagining (infrared cameras), medical supplies.]

Once and for all I clearly and distinctly answer: helmets are not for sale and never will be. Never. All the helmets that I find in Ukraine–I am going to instantly and ruthlessly buy up until all my guys are protected. Excuse me for my selfishness.

I need to be in time. Help.

Want to help?

79th separate Aeromobile Brigade
4149 4950 0700 7806 Yuri Biryukov

25th Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade
4149 4950 0700 7798 Yuri Biryukov

79th Guards Mechanised Brigade
4149 4950 0701 0735 Yuri Biryukov

IMPORTANT! All 4149* cards are only good for replenishment via Privat24, through terminals of PrivatBank and through cash offices of Privatbank!
If you want to transfer through a bank that is a client of another bank, through an ATM of another bank, use ONLY:

5168 7572 3217 4575 Yuri Biryukov

Requisites for transfer through PayPal
Account –
Purpose: transfer to friends or relatives
Message to the recipient: ArmyUA

Progress reports:
The consolidated financial statement:
The financial report will be updated on Monday, 16 June

How else to help

Other points of intervention and all the bank details:

Any more ways to help?
Reposts, inviting your friends to subscribe to pages, reprinting in other social networks and online resources are all very helpful.


Source: Wings Phonenix FB

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