Deputy of the State Duma intends to return the name of the Russian secret service to KGB

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Andrei Logovoy of the Nationalist Party and former intelligence official of Soviet Services

Andrey Lugovoy

Andrei Lugovoy

Andrei Lugovoy, Duma deputy elected on the Nationalist Party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as well as principal suspect for the radioactive polonium poisoning of the former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Litvinenko, in London in 2006, has proposed to restore the old name of the Russian secret services – KGB.

According to Lugovoy, a former officer of the KGB, the old Soviet-era secret service apparatus was not repressive at all, but very efficient in carrying out espionage and foreign counterintelligence.

The Duma deputy states that “only a single directorate, the fifth, the former KGB, was fighting dissidents in the Soviet era, and in any case the dissent then had to be repressed, while all other directorates guarded over state security efficiently.

Lugovoy, who is the vice-president of the Duma Committee on security and repression of corruption, goes further, saying that in the 90s there was a “specious and unfounded denigration” of the old KGB by democratic forces, who “have artificially created a real monster” out of the KGB. At the same time, Lugovoy believes that the current name of FSB (Federal security service) – the Russian internal security service – is an obvious Americanism, a tribute to the United States in the Yeltsin era, and therefore must be changed.

The Duma deputy has expressed his proposals on the radio “Voice of Russia” (Radio Moscow) and, according to the opinion polls on the website, the vast majority of the listeners approved the idea of a return to the KGB.

The opposite situation occurred on the website of another radio station – “Echo of Moscow,” where the majority of the listeners were opposed to the idea of a return to the KGB. A blogger suggested to rename Lugovoy himself, with the first name of Ramon Mercader (murderer  of Leon Trotsky) and the surname of Polonium. Another blogger suggested not only to return to KGB but also to delete the abbreviation RF (Russian Federation) and return to USSR.


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