Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – June 24, 2014

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters!

information_resistance_logo_engHere’s the Summary for June 24, 2014 (for previous summary, please see Summary for June 23).

The bad news:

1. The so-called schedule for ceasefire in Donbas continues to be observed only by the ATO [anti-terrorist operation] forces. They don’t initiate active operations and open fire only when terrorists attack.

Meanwhile, security forces positions are shelled continuously. Today, insurgents also shot down the ATO forces’ Mil Mi-8 helicopter. Our guys died again… [Ed. note: 9 people were killed after the helicopter, which was returning from a Ukrainian checkpoint after delivering goods, in the vicinity of Mount Karachun, near Sloviansk, at about 17:00, was brought down by a missile launched from a MANPADS. On board the helicopter were specialists who were installing equipment intended for monitoring space and registering cases of violation of the plan for peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as was announced by the head of the information task force for the ATO, Vladislav Seleznev on his FB page.]

2. The “peace talks” of the so-called tripartite group aimed to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine turned into a bad-smelling intrigue. The name of this intrigue is Viktor Medvedchuk [Ukrainian oligarch].

While we puzzled ourselves whom this infamous Ukrainophobe, and godfather to Putin daughter, represents at these negotiations, the OSCE explained: Medvedchuk represents the interests of… the terrorist organizations DPR and LPR [Donetsk- and Luhansk People’s Republics] in these negotiations.

I do not quite understand why at such negotiations such an odious personality, who carried out “Putin’s project” in Ukraine for many years, should be allowed. This fact alone makes [us] view the tripartite group as a farce, into which Moscow has turned the talks as well.

3. The Defense Ministry announced today that 62% of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the ATO were provided with armored vests. Except those vests that the Army already had, and the help of volunteers, 4,650 armored vests were purchased and delivered to the area of ​​the ATO. By the end of June, this amount will be increased to 7,000 vests. Given that funds allocated to the army abound.

This is some kind of subtle mockery. About the catastrophic shortage of armored vests it has been known since the beginning of the ATO, i.e. since the beginning of April. During this time, even a country that had never before produced them would find ways to provide its military with such protection. And Ukraine, with its industrial potential, hadn’t bothered.

It is a crime and a shame. It’s very unfortunate that no one cares about the personal responsibility of officials for such tricks.

The good news:

1. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko considers Putin’s appeal to the Council of the Federation of the RF [Russian Federation] to cancel the decision on the use of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine “the first practical step” of the Kremlin in its support for the Ukrainian peace plan.

Since our President has assessed Putin’s step in a positive manner, let’s put it down as a positive. Although I personally wouldn’t pay any attention to such showy acts by Putin. The words of this gentleman never had anything to do with his actions.

Especially since Putin himself later noted that this decision about sending troops only concerned Crimea. And with all the evidence, Moscow still refuses to admits its participation in the events of Donbas.

2. In Luhansk, local residents distribute leaflets around the city with their appeal to terrorists, in which they call on them to “scram back to their smelly Russia.” And warn: “If you don’t leave Luhansk, we will shoot you in the back!” Leaflets are signed with “Russian-speaking residents of Luhansk.”

No comments needed here. The farther we go, the more uncomfortable the Kremlin’s mutts will be on Donbas’ land. And rightly so.

3. It was announced in Brussels today: Ukraine needs to urgently ratify the Association Agreement with the EU in order to avoid the possible abolition of trade preferences granted by the European Union in March [of 2014].

If the EU itself urges [Ukraine] with association, this is great. It somewhat compensates for Europe’s impotence in terms of sanctions against Russia.

By the way, today German Chancellor Angela Merkel put forward a bold assumption that the legendary third round of sanctions against Russia will be adopted by the EU at the end of this week.

Oh, Angela Horstovna [Ed. Note: a play on patronymic names used in Ukraine], you are our dear person. Your words to God’s ears.

4. The U.S. and Europe promise to help Ukraine to promote Ukrainian weapons in foreign markets. This issue was discussed today by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Gregory Kausner and representatives from Kyiv.

This is a very sensitive issue for the Ukrainian Defense Complex, which has a lot to lose from breaking-off ties with Russia. If the West helps the businesses to get orders, this will give local residents a well-paying job (since our Military and Defense Complex is primarily concentrated in the East), which will become the best propaganda for Ukraine’s European path.

And before you know it, today’s happy owners of American Abrams [tanks] represented by the likes of Kuwait and Australia will fight in line for Ukrainian Oplot

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB

Image Sources:
Abrams tank,  Oplot tank


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2 Responses to Dmitry Tymchuk’s Military Blog: Summary – June 24, 2014

  1. Peter Riebeek says:

    Viktor Medvedchuk is on the US and Canadian sanction list for good reasons. How can such a person be at the table?

  2. Mike Brooks says:

    Dmitry, Thank you for all these updates!
    Although we’re on the other side of the world from Ukraine, it’s home to us with loved ones there. Your news helps us stay abreast of the invasion.

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