Our Enemies Will Vanish?

By Mykola Savelyev
05.28.2014  Ratusha
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Perhaps. But believe me, not all at once. According to those who are fighting here, there are at the most 100-150 real Russian spies and saboteurs here. The rest are Russian “National Bolsheviks,” fascists, opportunists, Cossacks, mercenaries, Ukrainian-Russian criminals, and the dominant power—thieves, lumpen, and declassed elements. A hell of a lot of those in here! All of the checkpoints, which our guys recaptured from the separatists, and the nearby areas are just littered with syringes! In the pockets of those arrested—there is amphetamine. From among those who blocked the way for vehicles nearby, half are incurable alcoholics and a third—complete drug addicts!

200 Hryvnias/UAH is an incredible amount of money for many! There are whole dynasties where the great-grandfather, the grandfather, the father, the son and the grandson served time! Poverty, fights, bicycles, swearing, embittered women, horrible deserted roads—that’s the foundation of this life. Hope—is FORBIDDEN! Let’s be honest: support among the local population (the normal people–not the addicts or alcoholics) for the course of action of these lumpen-terrorists is under 70% (recently it [the support] began to sharply decline—here they [the locals] respect POWER and they saw that the rednecks who came from Russia to help them are no better than the native local criminals). According to experts, the military phase can be completed in three to four months, but then it will take years to win back the people’s souls left riddled with Soviet wormholes.

Now a little about the origins of this situation. Everything started, not yesterday, but long ago in the year 1994, when the presidential candidate, Leonid Kuchma, was LOSING the electoral race here. Then a wonderful “guy,” named Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, was brought to him, who made it ALL GOOD for him! After this the local criminal elite received the right to IMPUNITY FOR ROBBERY IN DONBAS. Nothing changed under Yushchenko who proposed that all the “brothers” traditionally hug [alluding to a line in national poet Taras Shevchenko’s famous poem “And the Dead and the Living…” that calls for national unity]. The first to hear his proposal were the “brothers” [in this case, the thugs]. And they squeezed this land of ghost towns so that everyone here realized—in Kyiv everybody KNOWS, but they stay silent.

That’s what the ordinary bullied and frightened hardworking people meant when they said, “Kyiv does not hear us!,” and not at all any of those benefits that Mr. Akhmetov, who opened a Pandora’s box of crimes, wanted to obtain for himself. Right now Akhmetov is a NOBODY even to the insurgents–they don’t like losers here. Now about the technologies [corruption strategies]. Why exactly Sloviansk?  For decades this city was the center of drug trafficking in Ukraine. That’s one [reason]. The preparation of this criminal revolution was personally led (and financed) by the sons of the leaders of The Party of Regions and PERSONALLY by Yura Yenakievsky! That’s the second. The weapons have been stockpiled here since November 2013 at the time of Euromaidan “Lite” [pre-Nov. 30 attack on peaceful protesters]—from here Russia was supposed to start the dismemberment of Ukraine. But everything went wrong, and instead of the army of orcs, which were supposed to sweep people away, elves and gnomes, a terrifying crime wave arose, which no longer obeyed its creator Sauron.

Source of this excerpt: MNT
Original source (longer article): ratusha.lviv.ua.


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