Oleksandr Turchynov: The main protection of Ukrainians is not weapons, but the ability to hear each other

06.11.2014, 10:34
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Today, the Parliament held a Prayer Breakfast under the auspices of the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov with  representatives of churches, religious and public organizations of Ukraine, as well as foreign guests, diplomatic missions and the people’s deputies of Ukraine.

snidan5Addressing participants of the event, Oleksandr Turchynov said that the tradition of Prayer Breakfasts began its journey in the United States and “has sprouted good roots in Ukraine.” “Everyone who took part in the Prayer Breakfast felt commonality and unity which cannot be achieved artificially but only when people with different views and positions are united in a prayer to God,” he said.

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada is convinced that when different leaders and politicians from different countries communicate together in prayer “they won’t be able to look through a scope or humiliate each other, but they will hear each other, which is extremely important.”

Commenting on the situation in Ukraine, Turchynov noted that the country is now experiencing the most dramatic days in its history, having received a challenge from the Russian Federation that initiated aggression in the country’s East. In this context, he recalled the words from the Bible about the greatness of Babylon which was finally destroyed and absorbed into the desert, saying that “Babylon will remain destroyed always, since its walls are built of human fear and disbelief.”


The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada called it extremely important that in Ukraine the presidential elections took place and that they restored the entire system of government. He noted that in the course of the electoral campaign, there was no official comment recorded, no lawsuit, there was no administrative burden on people.

“It is very important for us, since elections have usually ended with civil conflict and resembled civil war, that posed a great danger,” he said, adding that this was caused by the reluctance of politicians to hear and understand each other.

“That is why communication in common prayer has one and the most important goal–to understand and hear each other,” stressed the Verkhovna Rada Chairman. Turchynov noted that it does not matter where one prays, it matters how one prays. “We should worship the Lord in spirit and desire the truth,” he noted, adding that “most important is that it be sincere and from the heart.”

“This is the sort of communication our country is most in need of at present–a sincere prayer that inspires and enables real optimism–because the greatest protection is not weapons, but our voices and the ability to hear each other. I pray that the Lord will bless Ukraine, Europe and the whole world, that God’s love be with all people,” said Turchynov.


Source: rada.gov.ua

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