Hollywood Stars opened their “Parade of Embroidery”

Ukrainian “Vyshyvanka” in Hollywood.

06.05.2014 14:52 NNnewsnetwork
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Embroidery has become a global trend.

Embroidery has become a style icon

Embroidery has become a style icon (Alberta Ferretti 2014 Spring/Summer Collection)

Designers are actively using embroidered flowers and Ukrainian folk designs on shirts, blouses and dresses in their collections.

On the Internet there are more images of world stars in blouses and dresses decorated with traditional Ukrainian pattern.


One of the most common variants of the Ukrainian national costume has become Isabel Marant’s blouse from the Etoile Collection this year. Not everyone has the same opportunity to go to Ukraine and buy a real “vyshyvanka” [embroidered shirt].

This for example is the new Alberta Ferretti 2014 Spring / Summer Collection. Social networks users have pronounced “one never ending vyshyvanka.”

It’s also worth noting that the fashion for Ukrainian style is not a novelty of recent days. The Ukrainian nation was self-sufficient and aroused interest all over the world long before recent events, and even long before the proclamation of independence of the country as such.

For example, exclusive photos of the cult singer Jim Morrison in a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, taken in 1966 by American photographer Guy Webster.


As previously reported by News Network, this year’s parade of the national shirt was held in London, Toronto, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernigov, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Lutsk, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Mykolaiv, Talnoye, Zolotonosha, Ternopil, Shepetovka, Megamarsh was also in Mozambique and in many other cities of Ukraine as well as around the world.

Source: NewsNetworkTV

And one more Jim Morrison in a vyshyvanka, also from 1968 but a different shirt this time, in a photo shoot by celebrated American photographer Richard Avedon:


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9 Responses to Hollywood Stars opened their “Parade of Embroidery”

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Hollywood Stars opened their “Parade of Embroidery”

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  3. Orysia says:

    Beautiful. We’ve always known how lovely these adaptations of Ukr. embroidery to contemp. fashions are. But possibly the Marant Etoile collection is more Rumanian-inspired? Remember back in the 1960-1970s — Ukrainian women were wearing the Rumanian blouses, not knowing any better? Just because it’s embroidered doesn’t mean it’s a Ukr. vyshyvanka. There are more than enough wonderful Ukr. designs and styles.

  4. sandy miller says:

    Rrysia….There are so many similiarieties between the countries and don’t you think all the centuries being next to each other women pass designs around……I have the same traditional shirt been shown here. Mine was sewn by my Ukrainian grandmother before 1906. She was from a village not far from Kharkiv which is in eastern Ukraine. I still have it. It’s still beautiful after all these years. Unfortunately, I can’t fit into it anymore. I’m saving it to pass on to my granddaughters. My mother was also very prolific with pillows, table clothes napkins, mens, childrens and womens blouses. I have them all. For my sons wedding everyone dressed in beautiful Ukrainian emboridered blouses and shirts. girls wore flowers in their hair. It was beautiful.

  5. chervonaruta says:

    Firstly, please remember this is a translation originally written by a fashion reporter. The translation says “vyshyvanka,” and “Ukrainian embroidered shirt.” Second, you can’t be serious….these are fashion designer made designs based roughly on Eastern European embroidery patterns, many of which have similarities to each other, as with any art form, there is always a dialogue between cultures in a given region. So, maybe let’s not pick apart which region this is from as it’s certainly not from Britain or France or Los Angeles and instead celebrate that there is an interest in this art form in the rest of the world. Remember when it was embarrassing to wear these shirts outside of just in your local Ukrainian community??? Now there’s been a change. It’s important to focus on THAT maybe, no?

    • chervonaruta says:

      We LOVE that you reblogged it!!! Awesome. Thanks for the notification! Jim Morrison was always way ahead of his time! Cheers! 😉

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