The Future of Maidan

Euromaidan PR

By Thomas Theiner

maidanThe newly elected mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, has announced that Maidan – the heart of the Euromaidan revolution in the center of Kyiv – will be cleared in the near future. We agree. Euromaidan has driven the dictator out; and it is now time to rebuild the nation. The people still on Maidan should either go to fight the Russian invasion in the east; or return to their communities, and ensure that corruption is cleansed from the nation – even in the smallest villages.

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1 Response to The Future of Maidan

  1. helen holmes says:

    Obviously, some of it does have to be cleaned out but I am old enough to remember when the Berlin Wall fell that thousands of people from around the world went to see it and the contrast between East and West Berlin. You folks need tourism money and are running a new ad as one of those on UKRSTREAM but as lovely as that clip is, more people would visit if as much of the Maidan as possible could be left standing through the summer vacation months.

    Maybe you are too close to it to realize the incredible significance of what you folks have done is having on people outside of Ukraine.

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