Source from the SBU – “A Stronghold for Peace in the Country”

By Kanut Leifson
28.05.14  19:04  Sloviansk
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

While we have been engaged here in catching trolls and staring at fake photos from a basement, this is the kind of crap that is happening now in this Grozny #2.

Basically, it is all impossibly f**king depressing. The “insurgents” do not stop at anything anymore when it comes to artillery. They opened fire from the furthest neighbourhood, from inbetween populated buildings. Damage was done to one of the local schools (a missile hit the roof, the teachers and high-school students, who were there because of external exams, immediately relocated to the basement. Also, either an automatic weapon, or shrapnel, shattered glass in the tower blocks. And in general the warheads started to land at random on the streets of the city. The result: more than two deaths, an unknown number of casualties (small children as well).

The reaction of the separatists was: YES, IT WAS ALL THE ARMY AGAIN!!!!

Unfortunately, many commentators and individuals have the same opinion. Well, can anyone explain the fact that militants like to drive their self-propelled mortar [NONA] on all the streets of the city, randomly and BY EYE (not by the normal procedure as they wrote in one article on KP [KyivPost]) trying to reach the nearby positions of the security forces? Or do you think that the army will start firing artillery on the residential quarters so they can crawl through the rubble to get your bloody “Nona” and a handful of thugs?

Nono in Sloviansk. Photo: REUTERS

Nono in Sloviansk.

Among the various internet sources some information appeared that that damn 2C9 was destroyed through sabotage using explosives. In fact, this was confirmed by the head of the press centre of the ATO.

I do not know how true all that is, but as soon as shots rang out from a 120-mm gun, it was clear that it was not. Later information appeared that it was damaged and that it is now possible to fire with it again. It seems they either fixed it or this is again some fake.

Although there is also a theory that they did get the “Nona” and this was some completely different weapon.

In any case, this does not change the situation right now.

Artillery now hits without any precautions, no-one warns anybody. In general, the topic of survivalists is again needed more than ever.

The local separatists have been gripped by panic. They all saw the photo with tanks, artillery and other nice things on Karachun, which made the local “Rambos” shit their pants and cry: “This is not fair, PUNISHERS.”

It seems that these guys are not bothered at all by the fact that this armor has been there for quite some time now, and that if the city is cleared it will be through special ops units and by ground fighting. Just like Strelkov promised and warned everyone, actually.

Now it is clear why this whole saga has dragged on for so long. Looking at the gradually deteriorating situation of the local terrorists and the development of the situation, the attitude of the local population (which is already changing radically and by leaps and bounds) – you begin to understand that those promises that “we protect the civilian population” were there for a reason. What is tragic, of course, is that because of this dirty fire from populated areas we have already begun to lose people. Well, I will not comment on anything here because I have already said everything in the very beginning. I hope that there is space in hell for all of them…

Source: Kanut Leifson FB

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