Donbas Battalion: May 23 Reports on ambush near Karlivka

Semyon Semyonchenko
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Volodarsky district of Donetsk Oblast [region].  
The volunteer “Donbas Battalion” took over custody of administrative buildings. The DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] flag was removed from the premises ofthe District Council and the Ukrainian flag was installed. The chairpersons of the district council, district administration, deputy head of police and local activists held a meeting. Unlike insome other areas of the district, the Ukrainian government here gladly accepted the Donbas Battalion’s assistance.In addition, an agreement was reached on insuring security for the upcoming elections. A sub-division of the Donbas Battalion will remain in the district. Another unit of the Donbass Battalion is taking part in a special operation in the framework of the ATO in Mariupol. Western Donbas is under the control of the Ukrainian authorities and the Donbas Battalion. It’s time for Donetsk to do the same.


Information from the “Donbas” Defense Force communicated via phone:

7:10 am

Just now “Donbas” was ambushed near Karlivka. The Force accepted the battle.

Snipers and submachine gunners are engaged against “Donbas” and bazookas are being used.

There are wounded.

We can not retreat because a group of our people is surrounded.

We are requesting assistance from nearby military units.


8:00 am

The separatists’ APC (armored personnel carrier) came on the battle scene near the village of Karlivka; they have hauled up heavy machine guns and grenades are being used liberally against us. There is a Ukrainian Army block-post with four APCs 15 kilometers away towards Krasnoarmiysk. Give us an APC, bitches!

We can not approach our comrades-in-arms because of snipers’ fire. All my phone requests for getting reinforcements, addressed to the military forces commanders, were not heard.

9:15 am

The main part of the “Donbas” Defense Force has now broken out of the encirclement.

50% percent of the personnel are wounded; many have considerable blood loss. The wounded were moved to an army block-post in the city of Krasnoarmiysk.

Until this very moment we have had phone communication with the surrounded group that took cover in a building. I was just informed that the connection is broken.

The surrounded fighters are running out of cartridges. It is not possible to approach them – snipers are firing. We need an APC (armored personnel carrier) in order to drive up to the building and rescue our guys. We cannot move further than the gas station.

Guards were left near the hospital with the wounded. All of the others without wounds are going back.

Almost all of the guys in the surrounded group are wounded.

I am completely sure that the terrorists knew our movement route well in advance. Usually there is no such concentration of manpower and armor at the separatists’ regular block-posts.

Well-trained Chechen detachments are engaged against us.

The Command of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) and the Ukrainian Army are informed about our situation.

We are requesting reinforcements and an APC.

10:15 am

Via phone from Semyon Semyonchenko.

I am addressing the separatists from the “Vostok” (“East” in Russian) Battalion.

We need a negotiator [in order to have] a hostage exchange.  Contact by phone at 0501482373.

To those Colorados* who read my Facebook. Forward the message to all of yours. If anything happens to our men, we are going to terrorize you in the city.

* Colorados – the malignant separatists. Their hallmark is the St. George Ribbon with the orange and black lines like the shell of the Colorado beetle.



Source: (English translation)


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