The (Internal) Battles Over Ukrainian Presidency Continue

Dmytro Hnap, Ukrainian journalist and community activist had some pointed questions for Ukrainian Presidential Candidate Yulia Tymoshenko:

Comfort for Tymoshenko from the Family of Yanukovych

Obviously, Yulia is not fond of public transportation. Seems like she is against cars, too. She loves airplanes!

She even flew to Sumy today, as her associate MP Oleh Medunytsya wrote in his Facebook page.

My colleague–the meticulous and professional investigator Kateryna Kaplyuk, found that Tymoshenko flew to Sumy on an airplane from the Urga company. Medunytsya proved this himself.

However, there is a piquant detail: Urga belongs to Eduard Stavyskiy – the former Minister of Energy and one of the key members of the Family of Yanukovych. Stavyskiy participated in the theft of many Ukrainian resources and presented Yanukovych with Mezhyhirya.

It is in Stavyskiy’s home where, after he fled from Ukraine, 42 kilograms of gold and nearly $5 million were found. This is just a dab of the money that Stavisky obviously could not fit in his bags of loot.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Urga is still Staviskiy’s father, Anatoliy.

So, I have a few questions for Tymoshenko and her team:

1. Was money paid for the use of the Charter and how much?

2. If money was paid for the use of Staviskiy’s aircraft – is this consciously an act of friendly business help to Yanukovych’s Family members? In fact, it is hard to believe they did not know whose firm this was. Urga is very famous among lovers of air travel.

3. If money was not paid for using airplane, then what was promised in return for this “friendly” service?

The final question goes to Minister of the Interior Avakov and acting Prosecutor General Makhnitskyy.

If every day we hear about Yanukovych’s suite stealing billions, why do Family businesses continue to operate safely and fill the pockets of its owners?

I would suggest to Ms. Tymoshenko as a preventive measure to return to Kyiv by train from Sumy – where seats are hard. It’s very good for her back.

In addition, there are sincere people there who, unlike her public relations people, will lower Yulia down to earth, both literally and figuratively.


And these questions were answered by Ihor Zhdanov, President of the Analytical Center “Open Policy” since 2008.

Answers to Dmitry Gnap’s Questions
05.21.2014, 18:49

This campaign is rather short-term and very intense. Today, a candidate must be in one region of the country, and tomorrow–in another. So, Yulia Tymoshenko is sometimes forced to use special flights.

Now regarding the questions asked:

1. Kyiv Flight – The amount was paid from the election funds of candidate for President of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko.

The interim financial report on the sources of the income and expenses of it was published in a campaign “Honestly” – 20 May 2014. The final report will be published as required by law.

The Return to Kyiv is being planned by car.

2. The administrator of election funds of candidates signed an agreement on the organization of flights with “Challenge Airport.” No discussion with “Urhoyu” were made. Also, it is now clear and unfortunately, we were not aware that aircraft (owned or leased, and which companies) were being provided to “Challenge Airport.”

P.S. What comfort the family of Yanukovych provided Yulia Tymoshenko during her imprisonment is common knowledge. For example, during her whole stay in the hospital she had no walks and did not see natural light, as all the windows in her chamber were sealed with a special film.


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