I do not know how to react…

By Ruda Pani
05.16.2014, FB status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 3.27.45 PMMy husband accidentally ran into his old friend today in Moscow, with whom he had studied at the military academy and has not seen since. During their conversation, as it usually happens in such situations, “all at once,” the friend asked my husband “if he hadn’t divorced from his Banderite-wife.” After hearing that he hadn’t, his classmate was very surprised and with full seriousness advised him to do so as soon as possible because “these Khokholo-fascists can kill you in your sleep, ” and “how do you not fear that she’ll poison you?” My husband just laughs at such “tips,” but for me it’s no laughing matter anymore.

The Kremlin has achieved full success in its information war against its own people–the mental gap between Ukrainians and Russians has come to a very primary, “grassroots,” level. All my relatives and friends in Kyiv have relatives who are either Russian or are living in Russia, and even more frequently, both of these options simultaneously. And this division into “what’s ours–what’s theirs” that has happened now in Russia has virtually affected almost every Ukrainian family. Russians don’t feel it that way and don’t understand it yet. And I am no longer sure if they will ever understand it.

Source: Ruda Pani FB

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1 Response to I do not know how to react…

  1. justice says:

    Listen to your Ukrainian heart:
    “Я в серці маю те, що не вмирає!” (Л. У.)

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