DMITRY TYMCHUK: Concerning the activity of Russian journalists

Dmitry Tymchuk, Coordinator, Information Resistance.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

information_resistance_logo_engThe majority of Russian journalists (the Kremlin propagandists to be exact), who are actually complicit in the crimes of pro-Russian terrorists in Donbas, have crossed all possible boundaries of common sense in their anti-Ukrainian activity.

We’ve long been seeing from them blatant propaganda and the creation of a positive image of terrorism; anti-Ukrainian propaganda aimed at undermining the image of Ukrainian power structures, Ukrainian authorities, and the Ukrainian state as a whole; [their] direct participation in the interrogations of Ukrainian special forces (hence their participation in kidnappings); direct participation in provocations against Ukrainian servicemen; carrying out intelligence activities for the benefit of gangs and Russian intelligence services.

Such conduct by people hiding behind their journalist “badge” is unacceptable.


In this regard, during consulations with state agencies on the matter, Information Resistance raised the issue of the termination of such criminal activity on the part of the majority of Russian media representatives.

We have proposed:

1. To declare Russian journalists engaged in such activity personae non gratae and deport them from the country. (The mechanism is currently under discussion–as much as if, for example, in the case of their participation in interrogations or filming military facilities without permission, there are no problems in providing evidence of criminal activity, in cases of carrying out anti-Ukrainian propaganda it raises legal nuances);

2. To delay representatives of Russian media who are accredited by organizations that are legally identified as terrorist–“Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Luhansk People’s Republic,” as well as terrorist formations that are part of these organizations. To incriminate them for participation in terrorist activities.

3. To organize a unified accreditation for the operation of all journalists who work in the zone of the anti-terrorist operation, at the ATO Headquarters. A profile group at the ATO headquarters must ensure the safety and effectiveness of work by the media representatives. (Currently, state agencies are developing appropriate mechanisms).

We’d like to inform you that we received full understanding from the state agencies. Relevant work is already underway. On our side, we voiced our full readiness to help out and participate in initiatives aimed at protection of the information space of Ukraine as a public initiative.

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk FB


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22 Responses to DMITRY TYMCHUK: Concerning the activity of Russian journalists

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    DMITRY TYMCHUK: Concerning the activity of Russian journalists

  2. Er.. maybe British RT ‘journalist’ Graham Phillips falls into this category…

  3. Deutscher EU-Austritt says:

    Awesome attitude towards free speech and free press. Only dictators fear free speech because when there is free speech and a free press, the truth always wins and the people supporting the truth have to fear nothing. Once again, Euromaidan has shown on its true colours and its totalitarian, Soviet mindset. You are not better than Putin. Same thinking, same methods. Ban what I don’t like. And just like that, this comment will get deleted because you are no westerners and have no western values. You use an American site like WordPress endorsing and supporting free speech to agitate against it. You do not belong into the EU – plain and simple.

    • Ken Stewart says:

      Your comment remains. A kind of monument to stupidity.

    • Arthur S says:

      This isn’t a case of free speech. Russian reporters have been actively calling out military base activity and personnel numbers (ie rt’s graham who will report foe instance that kramatorsk base has less troops at a given time – voila, time for a separatist attack), reporting on military positions, troop locations, troop and military vehicle disposition. That isn’t journalism, it’s military intelligence under the clever guise of journalism. I don’t think that is necessarily covered under freedom of speech. They are endangering Ukrainian troops with their reports. Graham_wp even walked into army base tripwires, clearly testing their defenses.

      • Olga says:

        Totally agree! Pro-Russian terrorists captured a number of Ukrainian journalist and keep them in Slovyansk. We don’t even know if they are still alive. Russian journalist showed that they don’t mind to interrigate and spy for terrorists. They had to be banned long time ago.

    • Buck says:

      And you my friend work for the KGB/FSB/GRU and you call yourself German?

    • Buck says:

      The writer seems to understand that he is supporting the Russian New Generation Warfare doctrine being used currently in the Ukraine.

      He should check Phases One, Two and Four

      The phases of new-generation war can be schematized as (Tchekinov & Bogdanov,
      2013, pp. 15-22):
      First Phase: non-military asymmetric warfare (encompassing information, moral, psychological, ideological, diplomatic, and economic measures as part of a plan to establish a favorable political, economic, and military setup).
      Second Phase: special operations to mislead political and military leaders by coordinated
      measures carried out by diplomatic channels, media, and top government and military agencies by leaking false data, orders, directives, and instructions.
      Third Phase: intimidation, deceiving, and bribing government and military officers, with the
      objective of making them abandon their service duties.
      Fourth Phase: destabilizing propaganda to increase discontent among the population,
      boosted by the arrival of Russian bands of militants, escalating subversion.
      Fifth Phase: establishment of no-fly zones over the country to be attacked, imposition of
      blockades, and extensive use of private military companies in close cooperation with armed opposition units.

    • Polarny says:

      Deutscher, I totally agree with you regarding freedom of the press. Spies, or not spies, journalists must be free. This is a price for freedom. The rest of your comments about “Euromaidan” showing “true colors” is a whole load of bullshit. This article is an opinion piece, not a law that was passed. (Unlike the actual laws that were recently passed in Moscow by Russian Duma, giving Putin the authority to attack Ukraine is he desires to do so).

  4. rovitot says:

    Reblogged this on rovitothis201 and commented:
    “The majority of Russian journalists (the Kremlin propagandists to be exact), who are actually complicit in the crimes of pro-Russian terrorists in Donbas, have crossed all possible boundaries of common sense in their anti-Ukrainian activity.”

  5. Following the information given from each side reporting from the Ukrainian conflict I understand the background for this proposal, but I must nevertheless disagree! The problem is that people in the Donbass area get to much Sovjet propaganda and to litle pro-Ukraine information. If the information is distributed from both sides, people well be able to judge by themselves. BUT the broadcasting – and possibly the newspapers? – are controlled by the pro-Russians and then the people in Donbass only get Sovjet propaganda. But this propaganda will continue to flow even if ALL pro-Russian journalists are banned and deported from Ukraine!

  6. Geronimo2014 says:

    The Kremlin channel uploaded a youtube video purporting to be the aftermath of a Slaviansk checkpoint attack taking place on April 20th. The problem is the upload was on April 19th I think these channels cannot be seen as mere journalism when they are so obviously engaged in distortions.

  7. Buck says:

    Yes—but one has to start from somewhere —try to do similar reporting in Moscow without Russian accreditation and see where you land.

  8. Buck says:

    What is interesting and it ties back to the Cold War—virtually all Soviet truck shipping that went into the EU and Germany were driven by GRU officers and they called themselves professional truck drivers and they did not photograph German/NATO/US installations and training exercises—come on get real.

    Just as the Russian “tourists” male type of military age arriving in eastern Ukraine to be a shopping tourist for a week or two are not paid mercenaries?

    All journalists working in foreign countries always must register with the existing government in the area of their reporting.

  9. Russian journalist, like Russian historian or Soviet Economist, appears to be a contradiction in terms.


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    • dreamer says:


      You probably made a confusion with USA. Remember Chile, Argentina, Salvador; Guatemala, Nicarigua and all the South America… And what is currently happening in Guantanamo ?

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