Alexander Tukaev uses Twitter to call for the liquidation of “Banderite” children

By Kanut Leifson
Translated by Voices of Ukraine
Edited by Daniel Wood, Voices of Ukraine

“Children of ‘Banderites’ who are older than 16 have to be liquidated. They are already poisoned with hatred against Russia,” the Astrakhan spin doctor Alexander Tukaev tweeted from his personal account.



Tukaev, who calls himself the advisor of the Governor of the Astrakhan Oblast [region], also used his twitter account to call for a mass killing of Russian citizens who oppose the war with Ukraine. “I hope that those who are going to an anti-Russian meeting will be photographed! My thoughts? Kill them! So what if we kill 20,000 of them? At any rate there are ten million times more of us,” was tweeted from Tukaev’s personal account.

Tukaev posted the message on March 15, the day before he was to have a meeting with Igor Stenin, the leader of the non-government organization Russian Astrakhans, for a “man-to-man” conversation. Tukaev turned up at the meeting with eight strangers.

Stenin told journalists, “Tukaev and his fellows attacked me and took turns beating me up while shouting that I was a fascist, a Nazi, and that I was FOR UKRAINE.”

The question of the survival of the Ukrainian people today, depends on preserving the state capable of protecting them.

Source: Kanut Leifson FB

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2 Responses to Alexander Tukaev uses Twitter to call for the liquidation of “Banderite” children

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Alexander Tukaev uses Twitter to call for the liquidation of Banderite children

  2. Volodya says:

    What a sicko.

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