EYEWITNESS: Sloviansk is the new Grozny?

By Valentyn Krasnoperov.
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine.

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The situation in Sloviansk is quite unusual. Both Ukrainian and separatist sides encourage people to leave town since everyone expects an assault on the town in the near future. Most people are very tired. Even the hardcore separatists understand that Russia will not come to the rescue openly. Yet the probability of the city transforming into a new Grozny is very high. Therefore, most are opposing the presence of a paramilitary “republic” element. The situation is aggravated by a rumor about Strelok’s escape to Horlivka. This information was not confirmed, but it certainly demoralized many. He created chaos and ran away. So now, why should locals die when the perpetrators have taken flight? Attitudes toward our security forces are very mixed. But they behave much more politely during document and luggage checks than terrorists. Information and the emotional mood is not on our side. The Ukrainian government is accused when civilians die during conflicts. Militants are assumed “a priori” to not be guilty. Of course, not everyone thinks like that, but most do. The idea that the Chechens have come to protect residents was widely popular. This is beyond any logic, but this state of mind is roughly the truth.

Source: Valentyn Krasnoperov FB

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