By Viktoriya Khmelnitska.
Translated by Voices of Ukraine.

Patriotism is the first sign of a civilized person, a quality that differentiates an individual from a slave.

Forget everything you’ve been told about the fascists. The fascists are just little children compared to the Russians. The Russian army has surpassed all the armies of the world put together by number of war crimes.

The Russian army is the most awful army in the world. And this is no propaganda and no exaggeration. If you don’t believe me, just look at the world map. Do you really believe that over 100 people joined Russia VOLUNTARILY?

If you do, I ‘ve got bad news. Because the truth is that only a savage and ruthless horde could conquer such a territory. Russia has conquered such a territory by committing grievous war crimes and genocides.

They massacred a million Circassians during the Caucasus war. They just massacred a whole people. Even Hitler wasn’t capable of it–the Hitler they declared an awful monster to hide their own, even worse, war crimes. When the Circassians had capitulated they were offered a transfer to Turkey. The Circassians trusted the Russians and agreed. No one reached Turkey. They were brought into the open sea and sunk there.

The weirdest part is that the Circassians were massacred to help the Georgians. Now they are massacring the Georgians to help the Ossetians. Russians are always killing somebody.

What is the power of the Russian army? It’s that it knows no mercy either to the enemy or to themselves. Life has no worth for Russians. That’s why no one wants to wage war against them. Even the Chinese. Only madmen like Hitler or brave men like the Chechens wage war against the Russians.

Don’t believe the lies that Russians have never fought against Ukrainians. They did, and many times. Everyone remembers the massacre done by Peter I. But we won’t go that far into the past. The last war was in 1918 when over a million Red soldiers invaded Ukraine, committed an awful massacre and established Soviet power with great bloodshed. Then, Soviet power caused the even more awful Holodomor.
Now the same horde is going here to build another bright future called “Russian World.” For this bright future they are ready to kill as many Ukrainians as they need to.

Even today they massacre and kill Ukrainians only for bearing the flag or speaking in Ukrainian. 2 people have been murdered for the Ukrainian flag in Kharkiv and 3 in Donetsk. And that was before the war started. When the real war starts the body count will soar to tens of thousands. Even a single word in Ukrainian will get you beaten to death. They aren’t human.

You are mistaken to think that being completely or half-Russian will save you. There were lots of Russians in Grozniy but that did not save them from the carpet bombings and grenades that Russian Ivans threw into basements where Chechen and Russian women hid with their children.

Russians don’t know how to wage war because they prefer drinking to learning the art of war. That is why they fight with great losses among their own and non-combatants. They still consider Zhukov, who ordered them to advance on German machine guns with spade shafts instead of guns and bricks instead of grenades, a great commander and a genius strategist.

Russian officers sell corpses of killed non-combatants and enemy soldiers to their relatives. You can’t get the body for burial for free. Corpse selling is a business venture for Russian officers. It was like this in Chechnya and Georgia.

If you think protests of the dead soldiers’ mothers can stop the meat grinder–you are mistaken. They can’t. The life of a soldier doesn’t mean anything to Russian leadership. You don’t believe it? Recall Nord-Ost and Beslan. They don’t even care for children. A soldier coming back from the war is a kind of miracle in Russia. Those who serve in the Soviet army recall that officers didn’t hesitate to tell soldiers how many minutes they would leave after the war started.

If you have female children over 13 you’d better transport them out of the occupation zone. Russian soldiers are rapists. They usually rape women and children in a drunken gang, then they kill them or frighten them into silence. You won’t be able to get the truth. You can read up on the “heroic deeds” of the Hero of Russia, Colonel Budanov. Chechens killed him for raping and murdering Chechen girls. Russian politicians proclaimed him a hero. Get your girls away and hide them anywhere you can.

There were hundreds of Budanov’s in Chechnya. He just became the symbol of raping and murdering Chechen girls.

When we were children we heard a lot about the fascists that had burned down whole villages for aiding partisans. The Russian army does the same. If rebels are found in your community you’ll face a “sweep” when everyone will be killed indiscriminately, including pregnant women and babies.

If you want to know how the Russian army does the sweeps search for “Samashki” on YouTube. What you see will make your hair curl, but, unfortunately, it’s true. The genocide of Chechens was mad. Whole villages were massacred.

It was after one of those “sweeps” that Shamil Basayev raided Budennovsk. He just showed the Russians what their army was doing in Chechnya.

Russian human rights watchdogs that write the truth about the Russian army’s war crimes get killed. The most recent examples were Anna Politkoskaya and Natalya Estemirova. These people were well-known not only in Russia but also abroad. They were killed with demonstrative cruelty so that there would be no doubt for what they were murdered. Putin gave dubious comments on both the murders so that everyone understood he was quite alright with these women being done in.

Another danger awaiting people under Russian occupation are death squads. These squads make Russian occupants worse than Hitlerites. The Germans had nothing like that but it’s a Russian practice on all occupied territories. When they left Chechen communities, whole common graves were found in the woods.

Death Squads arrive in occupied territories right after Russian troops. First those disloyal to the occupants disappear, then those potentially disloyal, and then those that were reported or looked funny at an occupant, in other words, pretty much anyone.

To evade the hell called “Russian world” we need to fight and aid the Ukrainian army and resistance. Life under Russian occupations is like walking in a minefield.

A tragedy can happen to a person any day. A drunk Russian soldier or officer may shoot you (and they’re never sober), a bad person may report you, you may get caught in a sweep, turn out to be the relative of a rebel or just not show due respect to an occupant.

One of the aims of the endless celebrating of Russia’s victory against fascism is covering their own war crimes. The harsh truth is that the Soviet (i.e. Russian) army during the Second World War committed a lot more war crimes than the Hitlerites.

The German army never participated in punitive operations. The German army didn’t participate in the Holocaust either. Nazi special forces did that. But the Russian army in 1945 killed 2 million German women. And that only after 3 months of occupations. Germans never committed such atrocities on occupied territories.

Definitely fascism is a great evil and undoubtedly a crime. But the fascists didn’t rape or kill Russian women and children. The myth of the cruel German army is cultivated by the ideologists of Rusism/Raschism to cover up the crimes of the Russian military.

Many naive people wait for Russia and Russian troops to come. If this happens, they are all in for a big disappointment. They think Russians will bring them a good life, pensions and salaries.

Actually, Russia is like an inseminator bull. It sees a territory it can conquer, gets in, plants the Russian flag and… forgets about it.

Russians can only occupy. They can’t create or build a bright future, it’s just not interesting to them. Creation is not in the Russian character. Creation makes them frustrated and bored. Russians need thrill. And they can only get real thrill from vodka and war.

So if you love Russia, matryoshkas and balalaikas, here’s some good advice–love this all at a distance. All the famous Russians preferred to love Russia from non-Russian St. Petersburg and the even more non-Russian Paris. It’s a lot safer that way. (#Euromaidan)

Source:  Gali Vo FB 


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    Even the Russia Army don’t won in the second war, were the allies, had it not been for the allies would have fronts of war elsewhere to distract division from Russia, they could never come to Europa. The general Patton always he said that, we must not allow the Russian come to Europa, the victory belong to us. You are right in everything you say.

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