Babylon’13 director: A little about Donetsk separatists

By Cristian Jereghi, Babylon’13 director
04.26.2014 Facebook
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Let me tell you a little about Donetsk separatists.

First of all, they are the same–both in Donetsk and Crimea. I have no doubt that they were the same in Transnistria, too. I couldn’t even record [new video] today.

They already told me everything in Crimea in this video: [in Russian].

They are the same. Ignorant, poorly informed, fooled by propaganda, unhappy people. I am talking about those of them who do not walk around with a Russian AK in Sloviansk and fraternize with the GRU agents in Kramatorsk.  You should understand: there is a “center”–an ideological core, and there is the cannon fodder on the edge of the parabola. I mean them. They drink tea, use the bathroom, and in general were probably born to a Mom and a Dad, and did not arrive on the charter flight Kremlin-Venus-Donetsk.

If you set aside all ideological differences, and simply forget for a second that they exist–those psychological and emotional mechanisms that keep happening in their heads do not differ from the ones our Maidan self-defense have experienced.

The paranoia level is off the charts. The level of fear and adrenaline–is up there as well. The fighter jets over their heads have done their job. These people are afraid. When the fear melts into an icy indifference, then they will not care how and when they should die.

Hero complex? Maybe so.

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One more thing I’ve found out today: not all separatists generally want to be in Russia. Moreover, some of them are categorically against Russia. And they are truly afraid that Poo [Vladimir Putin] will come over and grab Donetsk. But they are even more afraid of the arrival of the Right Sector and its slaughter. I asked all of them in turn: guys, what makes you so different from the Right Sector? No one responded to me.

Strange as it may seem, but they could have cared less about the issue of Russian language.

I will say what makes them tick. Their psychology is very much like a childhood grudge. “How is it that they have decided everything without us (!!?) there, in Kyiv, and there they will all be well (!?), and we will get nothing at all? How could they divide the pie without us?” Why are those who were on Maidan heroes–and here we are called terrorists?

Well, it goes something like that.

And while they prepare their tea with condensed milk on the wood stove, they make Ramen noodles in a teakettle for three, anxiously listen to the raucous radio, and hope that someone will bring them to a happy, Banderite-free future.

The tour continues.


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