Crimea: The Censorship of Mustafa Jemilev


By Yuri Yizhakevych
04.21.2014   Facebook status
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine


Jemilev has been banned on TV, but the voice of the people always shouts louder than censorship!

Today it became known that the new powers in Crimea are applying sanctions against the legendary leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Jemilev. In particular Crimean television announced its latest odious editorial decision today. The heads of GTRK [state television] are censoring Mustafa Jemilev. From now on, GTRK are not allowed to show him, interview him or even show anything he is involved in. GTRK announced this decision to their employees today. This censorship extends to any mention of the legendary leader’s name.

This news caused a huge internal protest among the television company’s employees. They are worried that they could be fired, or that there will soon be more changes in staff. Whatever the politics of power may be, Crimean Tatars have their sense of truth, which has been tempered by a 70 year struggle for their rights. No authority, not even the strongest and most authoritarian can prohibit the living symbol of that truth, Mustafa Jemilev. People must now stand up for the truth!

I propose a flash mob: let’s spread this message about GTRK censoring Jemilev and put his portrait on all social networking sites. Soon Crimea will stand up with Jemilev against the terrified attempts to hide any information about Jemilev.

Use any of these images:


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    Help counter Russian censorship of Crimean Mejli leader Mustafa Jemilev now!

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    Join in the protest!

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