Russian saboteurs fired on “Alpha” troops in Sloviansk – SBU

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

From the start of the military intervention, Ukrainian counter-intelligence has stopped the activity of around 40 Russian Special Forces personnel, as well as informants recruited by them – who included both Russian and Ukrainian citizens. 

An armed attack on the “Alpha” personnel of the special forces unit in Sloviansk, Donetsk oblast [region], was carried out by a Russian special ops group under the command of a Spetsnaz officer of the GRU, Igor Strelkov, has reported, citing

“Before arriving in Ukraine, Strelkov went out to Moscow, where he received instructions on the nature of his activities on Ukrainian territory. It has been determined that members of a special ops group numbering more than 30 men under Strelkov’s command carried out an armed attack on the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] personnel, causing the death of one SBU member and the injury of three others,” Vitaly Naida, one of the heads of the counter-intelligence department, said at briefing in Kiev on Wednesday.

“The main goal of the activity of the special operatives on Ukrainian territory is maximum destabilisation of the situation” – he noted. 

According to Naida, from as early as November of last year, Ukrainian counter-intelligence received information about the intentions of the Russian side to destabilise the situation in Ukraine using units from the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation. “This information was reported to the former command of the SBU but, criminally, the information was ignored” – he noted. 

Naida reported that from the beginning of the military intervention, Ukrainian counter-intel has stopped the activity of around 40 HUMINT personnel of the Russian special ops forces, as well as sources recruited by them – both Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

He also recalled that 5 criminal cases are pending under the article “state treason,” with other criminal proceedings pending for “espionage,” “illegal use of firearms” as well as for mass disturbances.

As was reported earlier, on April 15, the SBU began a criminal investigation into Strelkov’s conspiracy to premeditated murder, as well as actions to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, carrying out subversion and sabotage, and the organization of mass disturbances on the territory of the eastern regions of our country.

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