Three Days in Lviv

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By Ivan Leonovich posted on the wall of Ihor Stokoz
03.24.2014 Facebook status update
Translated by Anna Danilova and edited by Voices of Ukraine

We have spent three days in Lviv.

There is no doubt about it: do you want to visit a city infested with nationalists, where almost everyone considers themselves to be better than others, despises visitors (even those that are from the eastern and other regions of their own country), is crazy about their language  and cannot stand other languages? Do you want to see a crowd of belligerent people, calling to eradicate other nations, rejecting their culture and statehood (Nazism), and rallying for the unification of a single centralized national empire (Fascism)?

Go to Moscow. Lviv is the exact opposite.


Image source:Панорама_центру_Львова.jpg

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