Crimean women are shocked by the amount of child benefits in Russia

03.23.2014 Censor.NET
Translated by Anna Danilova and edited Voices of Ukraine

Financial allowances for the birth of a child in Crimea will decrease substantially in accordance with Russian laws.

This was reported by Censor.NET with reference to the Facebook page of  journalist Viktor Ukolov.

“Well, it seems as if the amount of child benefits in Russia will become a truly sobering cold shower over the heads of many moms in the heated Crimea. The first surprise lies in the term of a maternity leave, during which a workplace spot is preserved. The Crimean people will have to get used to the fact that it [maternity leave] does not last a year, as it does in the Ukraine they are so weary of. In the Russian Federation a maternity leave can either be short or long,  70 or 84 days respectively. A longer leave is provided if the parents are expecting twins or more children,” Ukolov said.

According to his data, the size of a child benefit depends on the salary at the last place of employment and may vary from RUR 25 563 to RUR 207 123, i.e. from UAH 6 774 to UAH 54 887 [from USD 719 to USD 5,827].

“In Russia it’s especially hard (how can one forget the famous journalist Dmitriy Kiseliov here) for those moms who worked less than six months before taking a maternity leave. In this case they will only receive  RUR 5 554 (data for 2014), or UAH 1471 [USD 156]. Meanwhile, unemployed moms are not supposed to receive a one-time maternity and child benefits at all,” informs the journalist.

“Of course, there is a ray of light in Russia after all – the so-called maternity capital, which is credited and dispersed when the second and following children are born. However, it can be spent only on the items established by law. In 2013, the amount [of maternity capital] was RUR 408 960,50, which is UAH 108 374 [USD 11,504]. But here’s the misfortune: families do not receive the spending money . The full amount of the [maternity] capital is wired to a special bank account and is only unblocked when, for example, a child over 18 years of age goes to college,” informs Ukolov.

In Ukraine, according to the journalist, starting from January 1, 2014, a woman giving birth to a first child received UAH 30 960 (RUR 116 830) [USD 2,825]. Moms get UAH 61 920 (RUR 233 660) [USD 5,650] for the second child, and UAH123 840 (RUR 467 320) [USD 11,299] for the third one.

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