Dmytro Reznichenko: “In a Year” (poem)

By Dmytro Rezhichenko
03.19.2014 LiveJournal
Translated by Stepan Nykytchuk and Edited by Voices of Ukraine

In a Year

Life just flies through frantic loops.

Literally, you look back six months ago – and it’s as if you are looking into the abyss.

Thinking about where I could be in a year.

In a year, I might be participating in a revolution in Moscow.
In a year, I might be hiding in the Carpathian Mountains.
In a year, I might become some humanitarian minister.
In a year, I might lie as a cold corpse somewhere in the Kherson region, killed by Russian soldiers. Or in the streets of Kyiv, killed by a Ukrainian policeman.

What interesting times we live in, gentlemen. As fascinating as in childhood.


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2 Responses to Dmytro Reznichenko: “In a Year” (poem)

  1. chervonaruta says:

    Reblogged this on Euromaidan PR and commented:

    Poetic reflections – so much can happen in a year…

  2. achilliad says:

    Very nice verse. I wish it were unnecessary. Peace.

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