Arsen Avakov: “A Radical Solution Regarding Personnel at Interior Ministry of Ukraine”


Arsen Avakov
18/03/2014  Facebook status update
Translated by Anna Danilova and Edited by Voices of Ukraine

Discussions about personnel, disturbances, criticism as well as counter-lobbying will not cease. Half-measures do not help.

I have developed a fundamentally new model of personnel decision-making within the system. Late last night, we finished discussing the concept of integrated solutions with the Head of the Lustration Committee, Ehor Sobolev.

Starting today [March 18, 2014], we are launching a public procedure of personnel appointments by oblasts [region] of Ukraine.

It [the procedure] is unusual and extraordinary  –  it is a test for both our officers and policemen. But it’s a way to bring back trust for the Interior Ministry, including through coherent appointments. This procedure is the path we have to take.

Today, I will issue an order to start the procedure.

1. All the previously appointed oblast [regional] police and traffic police heads, are now relieved of their duties and go to the status of acting [police and traffic] heads.

2. The Lustration Committee together with the Personnel Committee of the Interior Ministry organizes and analysis of the leading cadres in the field and develops proposals for solutions to the Minister for consideration. The Lustration Committee and the Interior Ministry’s Personnel Committee hold public election process among the candidates for existing or future positions with public participation.

Mechanisms of public discussion, consultations with the community, evaluation criteria, filters for lobbying, black and white PR – all these issues and concerns will be discussed and approved transparently and in the short term.

For the Lustration Committee, Ehor Sobolev recommended  Yuriy Butusov as a representative of the journalistic guild and Evhen Zakharov as a representative of human rights organizations, as well as himself. I agreed.

This won’t be an extended process, our country doesn’t have time for procrastination – so we start this very evening.

Bon Voyage!

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