Live broadcasts from Crimea: known live streaming links – for the moment

All the known live streams from Crimea in one place!

Broadcasting sergogotv live on ‪#‎Ustream‬. Come watch and chat! 16:23

Once more broadcasting CrimeanOpenCh1 live on ‪#‎Ustream‬. Come watch and chat! 16:41
Crimean Open Channel, Youtube.
Then 15.03.2014 added :

So, maybe, we’ll get some realtime information from Crimea.

Feodosia: Crimean pro-russian nazi beat old lady after her support to Ukraine…

Updated on 16.03:


As promised, here below is the list of live streams from our Ukrainian military units.

Some of them are being actively used already. Some of them have made test recordings.

Unfortunately, some of them have already done “good” recordings, but due to the lack of practice they haven’t been saved.. But we have traced this issue and have already corrected the mistakes. So we hope that both online and offline recordings will be saved From now on.

Some streams are for the moment in a “hibernation mode”, which means that there are no recordings for now, they are waiting for events:

Marines military unit in Feodosiya
Military unit A3835 in Bakhchisaray
Military unit in Kerch
Military unit in Inkerman, ammunition depot
Military unit in Simferopol (cartographers in a simple)
Military unit in Novofedorivka
Military unit in Perevalne


Belbek. Sevastopol.

Crimea. Novofedorivka. Possible assault. Stream right now.
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4 Responses to Live broadcasts from Crimea: known live streaming links – for the moment

  1. Wayne says:

    You are having problems finding live cams as well. So, am I. I find one working, and then the cam is shut down.

    Someone is controlling the media … Do you think so?


  2. Wayne says:

    Reblogged this on luvsiesous and commented:

    Here are some recent live cams from Crimea.


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