Thinking about all our Heroes…


This photo brings tears …
But I’m here, I wanted to say … about Heroes … it’s not necessary to die to be a hero … it’s not even necessary to fight (because war is not everywhere in the world) … to be a hero – is to be an example … for the world … for your country … for your baby …

Yesterday I was touched by this scene .. A Daddy in the paddling pool was supervising his 2-3 -year-old daughter, who was playing with another little kid … and then some boy fell down and cried … And right then this girl caught the small boy by the hand and pulled him to her father with the words, “Dad, he is crying …” So, why? – Because for her, her father – is a hero who always protects … and not just her, but everyone all around … I’m sure that if necessary, this father would go even onto the barricades for his daughter … and for all others … and still  would not consider himself a hero … For heroes never call themselves heroes … because they “don’t do anything special” … they “simply cannot be otherwise” …


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