INVASION OF CRIMEA – Summary of March, 4, 2014

Source: Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance

Brothers, here is the status by the end of March 4.

The bad news:

1. The day’s events of the day in the Crimea are clearly not over yet. Current “hot spots:” Evpatoria (Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile regiment) and Sevastopol (Ukrainian Navy Headquarters). Both locations are under assault by provocateurs including “Putin’s tourists” and Russian cossacks. Behind them are lines of armed Russian soldiers. Before the start of the assaults, wives of Ukrainian soldiers – who were trying to block the approach to the Evpatoria base – were forcefully shoved aside. The occupants are playing music through loudspeakers and making demands to surrender, just like the Nazis in WW2. How will it all end? We continue to monitor the situation.

2. Suspicious activity in Perevalnoye (Ukrainian 36th Brigade). Additional invader forces were moved there. Ukrainian military are expecting a night assault.

3. The worst: we’ve already spotted “Russian titushkas” [pro-Kremlin hired thugs] changing into Ukrainian military uniforms (Sevastopol). (In desperate need of video coverage! We implore anyone, please – film everything! TV journalists with professional equipment are in even greater demand.) The imminent arrival of international observers to the Crimea keeps us concerned. If Putin has decided to go to the end (and it seems likely), this night is going to be very difficult. God, give strength to our guys!

The good news:

1. Yesterday’s session of the UN Security Council is already bearing fruit – Putin started backing down. Russian military “exercises” in the areas near the Ukrainian border are scheduled to end on March 7. We will monitor the situation very carefully (plus, information channels have already been established) to determine whether Russian troops will indeed return to their permanent bases. There is some hope that under the international pressure the Kremlin canceled an invasion of Ukraine’s eastern regions. But it is far too early to relax.

2. Starting tomorrow, Crimea becomes the focus of attention of international organizations. Emissaries and observers on very high levels will see everything with their own eyes. Hopefully, they can already see the truth, and are not poisoned by Russian propaganda, as they were just two days ago.

3. Today is the first day when Putin’s propaganda gave way to objective information in the Ukrainian information space. To be honest, we were growing weary of all those crazy fakes from RIA Novosti and such like. Today, the Russian media has tried to drive another wave of misinformation (e.g. “three Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile regiments surrendering to self-defense forces” – priceless!), but few bought it. Which is good. Their mission is to sow panic among us, while our task is to clearly document the actions of the aggressor. This will be useful in the international court.

A personal appeal by Dmitry Tymchuk

A few words about myself. For obvious reasons, my humble person is now in the sights of “kremlinbots” – they say that I’m located in Russia, because my Facebook page says that I “live” in Chita [Russia]. And, they say, clearly I’m spreading lies.

Let me explain. I am the son of a Soviet officer (Ukrainian), was born in Chita, where I lived until I was 6. Then, until the age of 11, I was in the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany (go on, accuse me of being a “German spy”, next). After that, I’ve lived in Ukraine. I am an officer – of reserve, but an officer’s honor is not something you hang by the door when you leave the army. I’m a citizen and a patriot.

And a few words about our alleged misinformation. To be honest, I don’t give a damn who says what about the information we provide. Reasonable people can see that our information is then confirmed by the mass media (we just happen to report it first). The opinions of Putin’s lapdogs are of no interest to us. Please, don’t argue with them in the comments. This is an information war, don’t waste your time and energy in vain. I’m sorry I don’t have the time to delete the comments – I clean some up, but the bastards keep posting. On the other hand, if they’re coming down so hard on us, it means we’re making a difference.

To sum up, we’re standing by for new developments. Let tomorrow turn today’s hope into confidence.

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