BREAKING – Deadly Provocations in Crimea Scheduled to Coincide with the UN Security Council Meeting

03.03.2014, 19:49
Source: Dmytro Tymchuk via Facebook
Translated by Voices of Ukraine

Armed provocations in Crimea involving multiple deaths will be “scheduled” to coincide with the UN Security Council meeting.

A clarification to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Internal of Affairs of Ukraine, Mykola Velychkiv, in which he said that on the night of March 3rd, a murder of 3 or 4 Russian soldiers is planned by unidentified parties disguised as Ukrainians.

According to the information received by the Information Resistance group, several days ago, the Russian military had received orders to capture firearms from the Ukrainian military. They succeeded at this mission – the occupants removed firearms from at least one of the Ukrainian military units.

Preliminary data indicates that these weapons are planned to be used in provocations that will result in killings – with the intention to “find” firearms code-marked as belonging to Ukrainian soldiers, and accuse them of the deaths.

Our data also suggests that these provocations may happen in the next few hours, to coincide with the extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council, initiated by Russia and scheduled for today, 10 PM GMT+2. This way, the Russian side will be able to claim “aggression and violence on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” as an argument to justify its actions.

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2 Responses to BREAKING – Deadly Provocations in Crimea Scheduled to Coincide with the UN Security Council Meeting

  1. Reblogged this on Josef Kačírek and commented:
    Bohužel od Putina nic jiného čekat nelze. Napadení Krymu je strašidelný a neprominutelný čin. Putin patří za mříže, ne do politiky! Patří před mezinárodní soudní tribunál.

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