INVASION OF CRIMEA, March 1, 2014: Access Blocked by Military Units, Journalists Threatened and Turned Away

Bohdan Kutiepov, Journalist of Hromadske TV, Tweets from the Crimean Border:
(All time stamps Ukrainian time, GMT+2)
09:48 On the road. 452 km away from Simferopol. Will tweet about anything interesting I see.

14:09 They’re not letting us into Crimea.

14:12 Cossacks, plenty. A Berkut officer in charge. Armed. They’re not on the photo – we were told we’re ‘dead and buried’ if we try to take pictures.

14:16 We tried appealing to the Constitution, they say – we think this is already Russian territory.

14:19 All cars are stopped, trunks and trailers inspected.

14:39 Still at the Turetskiy Val road police checkpoint. Waiting while the chief Berkut officer is clearing something up… They’re not letting us into Crimea because we’re journalists.

14:40 The Berkut officer in charge is called Dima [Dmitriy].

15:51 At the border of Kherson oblast and Crimea – terrifying! Plenty of Berkut officers, armed to the teeth, all nearby hills are rigged with trip wires connected to signal rockets.

15:51 A guy with a Kalashnikov stepped up and said, “turn around, drive 400 meters, then stop. If you even think of filming – I’ll shoot without warning – ”

15:52 “- I’ll toss a few grenades in your car and tell everyone that you were throwing grenades at me, and that I had to shoot for defense.” Germans were turned away too. Waiting.

15:55 I haven’t been this scared even at Hrushevskiy Street or Instytutska Street. This is barbaric and unthinkable…

16:00 Three men approached. One, with a pump action shotgun, told us to stand by the front wheel, another, in a Berkut uniform, went to have another look at the trunk…

16:00 They started shouting that people’s blood is on our cameras. That we’ll pay for it yet, and that journalists are scum.

16:03 They turned us around. Currently at a safe distance, 400 m away. Wondering what to do.

17:18 They took the memory sticks from the cameras of Inter Channel journalists! Slid the selector switch [of his AK] and told to f**k off: “you already f**ked over Kyiv!”

19:04 We’re still at the border between Crimea and Ukraine… No journalists were let through: CDF, France24, Inter. Inter [Channel] journalists had memory sticks taken out of their cameras!

20:00 Leaving the Crimean border. Will spend the night in some oblast near Crimea. Have to recharge and be ready for tomorrow. Let’s see what the morning brings.

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