Fallen on Maidan: Yuriy Verbytsky – The Point of No Return – “I have made my choice.”

February 10, 2014 11:16 Pravda.com.ua
Translated by Olia Knight
Edited by Isis

YuriyVerbytsky“We are at the point of no return. Either the government destroys us or we will destroy it.  I have made my choice.”

– Yuriy’s words to his brother Serhiy Verbytsky

Yuriy Verbytsky was a scientist, seismologist, alpinist, and a pacifist. He came to Maidan during the night, when there weren’t many people on the square.

His friends knew him as a reserved and calm person. “Yura was always an opponent of any forceful action. He thought that people could freely stand on Maidan and voice their thoughts,” said Vasyl Prokopyshyn, a friend.

Yuriy worked as a lead engineer at the seismological department of the Carpathian region at the Institute of Geophysics – National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and recently defended his thesis. He worked 16 hours a day, designed the earthquake data-processing programs, and developed a seismologic database.

According to Iryna Keleman, a coworker and a friend, “They climbed the Caucases with Russians and Ukrainians from other regions (including Donetsk, Zaporizhhzya). He was not a radical nationalist.”

Yuriy was a 1st class alpinist who took the highest graded routes in the Caucauses. He was fearless and could withstand a lot of pain. Nothing could break him.


According to his friend Yuri Paliy, Verbytsky fell and badly injured his leg once while climbing, and they had to go down the mountain and travel three days to get him to Lviv [Yuriy’s hometown]. After the injury, Yuriy had to spend about six months in bed. He was not just an optimist, he would actually say:

“All will be good, I will overcome it.”

Yuriy’s 25-year old daughter spoke to him last when Yury was at the doctor’s office with an eye injury received on Maidan. Even then, in his usual manner, Yuriy would not tell her about his injury. One of his last words to his daughter was, “Don’t worry. All is good.”


Yuriy Verbytsky’s cause of death – hypothermia – is inconsistent with his injuries:

Gennadiy Moskal, member of Ukrainian Parliament, is demanding the opening of criminal proceedings into the premeditated attempted murder of Yuriy Verbytsky due to the fact that Verbytsky could not move after he received brutal injuries. Moskal announced this himself. “The criminals that violently beat Mr. Verbytsky and left him in the forest in the freezing cold, were well aware of the fact that a person with such injuries would not be able to move and survive,” Moskal announced.

“Therefore, I am asking the officials to open criminal proceedings into the matter as a premeditated attempted murder. Moreover, the actions by the unknown assailants who kidnapped Mr. Verbytsky also fall under the criminal offenses enumerated in the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Article 255 – Creation of a criminal organization; Article 127 – Torture; Article 135 – Leaving in danger; Article 146 – Illegal confinement or abduction of a person,” he added.

“In view of the presented findings, as well as the fact that the media has information about the involvement of the Interior Ministry investigating-operational group in this case, I am asking the Interior Ministry of Ukraine to release this case and hand it over to the General Prosecutor’s Office,” he noted.

Moskal also announced the results of the medical examination of the body. The experts have established the following injuries:

– Bruise contusion of soft tissues of the left forearm and closed fracture of the left ulna at the junction of the lower and middle thirds; closed sternal fracture; bruised right lateral surface of the body and into the lumbar region to the right; two bruises on the chest along the left anterior inguinal line; fracture of the sternum at intercostal space 4 with hemorrhage to the anterior mediastinum; rib fractures on the left side of the body – 7th and 8th ribs along the rib line; 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th ribs along the midclavicular line and into the mid-inguinal point; right side of the body – 6th rib along the midclavicular line, 7th and 8th ribs along the vertebral line, 9th and 10th ribs along the mid-inguinal line, 11th and 12th ribs along the vertebral line,

– Bruising in the area of upper and lower eyelids of the right eye with an open wound on the upper eyelid; bruising and soft tissue injury to the of the back of right hand; abrasions and surface wounds on both shins,

– Other bodily injuries, including abrasions on the right frontal tuber [frontal bone]; bruising on the left eyelid; abrasion injury on the tip of the nose; hemorrage of the mucous membrane in the left upper lip [inside the lip]; bruising of the outer surface of the right hip caused by a contusion of the pelvis; abrasion on the side surface of the right illium [upper hip bone]; numerous abrasions on the backs of the fingers on both hands.

“Taking into account the findings by medical examiners, the announcement of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine that hypothermia was the cause of death for Vyktor Verbytsy is unquestionably inconsistent with his injuries,” said Moskal.
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According to the Acting Interior Minister, the abductors of Lutsenko and Verbytsky have been detained: https://maidantranslations.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/abductors-of-lutsenko-and-verbytsky-have-been-detained/


The bereaved of Yuri Verbitsky in shock at the beastly murder

Relatives of missing activist from the city of Lviv, Yuri Verbitsky, recognize his body [+ his work colleagues, niece]

YURIJ Verbitsky buried in the cemetery in Lviv:

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