WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Evening 23:00 to 24:00


Feb. 20: As of this evening, Maidan’s medical service reports over a HUNDRED dead. Fifty-eight of them have been identified.

Evening: Verkhovna Rada forbid carrying out further antiterroristic operations and use of weapons, by 236 votes.

The document stipulates that the SBU is to cancel any “anti-terroristic” operations immediately, declares a ban on the use of weapons and stipulates a withdrawal of MIA military forces from Kyiv and other cities. Also – the return of all forces to their home stations, including the police, armed forces and the Security Service, to their barracks. It is forbidden to restrict vehicles on the roadways, all roadways to be unblocked, and the declaration of a state of emergency in document can be entered only by the Parliament. It also exempts all detained activists from criminal and administrative responsibility.

The decree goes into effect from the moment of its adoption by Parliament, effectively diminishing the President’s powers and showing he no longer has a clear majority in Parliament. Caution is still the word of the day.

Current events, continued from EVENTS OF MORNING, AFTERNOON and EVENING:,09:08 to 10:5211:00 to 12:0012:00 to 13:0013:00 to 14:0014:00 to 15:00;15:00 to 16:0016:00 to 17:0017:00 to 18:0018:00 to 21:0021:00 to 22:00. 22:00 to 23:00.


VIDEO of events slightly earlier today:

Here a very angry and upset ambulance driver explains that there are snipers near Maidan on Hrushevskiy Street, from where they have just come with a wounded girl who was known to everyone, she was shouting, “I don’t want to die,” and he thinks she won’t, that she’s strong. The shot is to her neck. He goes on to say that 25 bodies are lying near the Hotel Kozak, all shot by snipers. He gets very angry then and says that if the sniper thinks he’s going to live he will not and that he is a (a couple of bad swear words several times), points to the camera and says you tell him that, to shoot children, young people dead:

Reported by Alexander Solonko on Facebook:
A Kyiv taxi driver drove some young, so-called “titushky” to Maidan, however, the guys are not native and did not realize his cunning. They were equipped with fighting outfits and grenades.

The taxi driver took the titushky to the barricade near the Central Mall. He drove them to the station. As he said (he did not want to use his name), they began to talk about their own “exploits” and about how fun it is to terrorize the city. Hearing this, he turned around and drove to the side of Maidan. Near CUM he ran out of the car and signaled to people there. They came over and caught three of the titushky. They brought them in to the Commandant. They may take them to the stage. They searched them and found alcohol, cards, symbolic PR, helmets, bats, elbow and knee covers, Balaclava (mask), and such. For us, are the walls and the taxi drivers)), “- says the activist.

VIDEO discussing the influx of titushky into Kyiv for Anti-Maidan as a non-peaceful protest because they found grenades and explosives on them (he is holding one in his hand to show as he speaks):

Where is this?:

VIDEO of Sniper shooting an unarmed man near Zhovtnevyy Palace in Kiev, you see Maidan below. This video gives you a good sense of what it was like on the ground for unprotected people that day, and how shocking and sudden the sniper attacks were:

And this VIDEO of intercepted radio talk coverage amongst Berkut snipers as they head out onto Hrushevskiy St. and to the Hotel Ukraine to “work.” Judging by the conversation, snipers spread out in different locations of their base in the Hotel Ukraine. “Take carefully to the streets of Hrushevskoho prepared to work. If there is any movement of weapons, report to work. Berkut is going forward, we will cover …” – says one of them.


Parliament voted for continuous operation/sitting. 229 MPs supported the decision accordingly. At the clarification of opposition MP, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, this means continuous work in Parliament now and through the coming days, including weekends and the transfer of the calendar schedule.
After the vote, Koshulynskiy unexpectedly adjourned the Parliament until tomorrow at 10:00am


MPs in the Parliament voted for a resolution “condemning the use of violence, which led to the deaths of Ukrainian civilians.” The decision was supported by 236 MPs from the opposition, ” regionals ” who left the party and the current deputies from the Party of Regions.

The document stipulates that the SBU is to cancel any “anti-terroristic” operations immediately, declares a ban on the use of weapons and stipulates a withdrawal of MIA military forces from Kyiv and other cities. Also – the return of all forces to their home stations, including the police, armed forces and the Security Service, to their barracks. It is forbidden to restrict vehicles on the roadways, all roadways to be unblocked, and the declaration of a state of emergency in document can be entered only by the Parliament.

According to the decree, the anti-terrorist operation should be discontinued, previously announced by the leaders of the SBU, and it also exempts from criminal and administrative responsibility all of the detained activists.

Kyivans in all districts formed Civic Guard units in their districts and went on night patrol of the city to protect their homes and property by car and foot from “titushky” bandits.

In particular, Kyivans from the Borschahovki district report hundreds of activists in their area, “It’s so wonderful to meet in Borschahovke at night a group of tough guys with sticks that greet you by saying: “Glory to the Heroes.” These civic guard activist use colored bandages and tapes to identify themselves and to avoid confusion, such as using green tape.

If you also want to become a volunteer Civic Guard in your area watch for updates – we offer you a list of pages of official initiatives to protect the public order:

Self Defense Holosiivskii district
Civic Guard Darnitskii District
Civic Guard Desnyanskyi District
Public Guard Dnieper District
Public Guard Obolon District
Public Guard Pechersk District
Pechersk Guard Dozor
Svyatoshinskaya Guard Patrol
Shevchenko Guard Patrol
Public Guard Shevchenkovskyi District


Residents of Irpin and Novobilychi seized and blocked the highway Irpen-Romanivka-Kyiv. There was a traffic police checkpoint there.

About a hundred young men with sticks drove three large trucks there and placed them to block the highway. They let cars go by, car by car, in both directions, but overall they stop all cars and buses, checking for suspicious people and things.

They say – they are waiting for groups of titushok, groups which allegedly formed in Irpen and, according to activist information, are supposed to drive to Kyiv.

Over half a kilometer from this checkpoint the district self-defense unit is collecting itself. About five hundred boys and men came out to protect Sviatoshyn (and, separately, Novobilychi) from “young sportives.”

Prague now … Thank you, dear supporters!


About the important decision:

Alexander Aronets
I will explain about the decision. Now the security forces must leave to their dislocations, various “anti-terrorist” operations are also canceled. And if they still will use weapons and do not meet the resolution, then they can be treated as terrorists! That is to protect their lives and use a firearm is not a crime in international law.

This is incredibly important, as is the fact the the signatures of Rybak [Speaker] and Yanukovych [President] are not needed.

Євромайдан SOS:

NOTE : We have received insider information from the General Headquarters of Ukraine that the capital of Feodosia [in Crimea, Ukraine] sent by train in full combat gear a Marine battalion unit. City arrival – 101 Brigade Guard Ministry of Defense (to Brest). And on the plane the night before in Vasylkova (the airport 40th tactical aviation brigade) should arrive the 25th separate Dnipropetrovsk airborne brigade from Nikolaev, and 79th separate airmobile brigade .
Breaking all possible Constitution norms and laws of Ukraine, they have nonetheless embroiled the military into conflict.


The most scary thing that that I have seen in the recent days was not titushky with guns, not carriages with arms in at the back of security forces on Instytuska street, not the blood, not the fire, not the tears, not the corpses.

Just this ten guys at 4 am, standing at checkpoints near the village of Zazimya and waiting for six buses full of security forces – to stop them, not to let the go to Kyiv. Burning tires. The smoke on a country road. No cameras. No deputies. No witnesses. Just dark forest along the road. The guys joking and singing.

“The Last Phalanx” combined with “People before the attack”:


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.42.34 AM
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