WAR Against the People, in Downtown Kyiv Today: Feb. 20 – Evening 22:00 to 23:00


Feb. 20: As of this evening, Maidan’s medical service reports over a HUNDRED dead. Fifty-eight of them have been identified.

Late afternoon: MPs gathered in Parliament and started work aimed at resolving the crisis. Many members of the Party of Regions are absent, a number of them are reported to have fled Ukraine.

Current events, continued from EVENTS OF MORNING AND AFTERNOON,09:08 to 10:5211:00 to 12:0012:00 to 13:0013:00 to 14:0014:00 to 15:00;15:00 to 16:0016:00 to 17:0017:00 to 18:0018:00 to 21:00, 21:00 to 22:00.


Igor Baryshev

1. Yanukovych in an intimate company simply closed himself up at Bankova. Apparently, he does not control anything and does not decide anything any more.

2. Officials from branches are leaving Kyiv together with their supporters. En masse.

3. Rada is shit, consider it’s gone. Its remnants are holding onto two things:
– illusions and hopes of “politics” for the future;
– Putin’s wish to have a tiiiiiiiiny islet of pseudolegitimacy controlled by him (Shufrych, Novinskyy);

4. Police “Forces” went wild with bloodlust and were controlled by unknowns and gangs of armed “titushkas” with clear intention to indiscriminately terrorize Kyivans, they are still in Kyiv.

5. A kind of Transdniestria 2.0 is clearly outlined in Crimea and some “blue” oblasts [loyal to Party of Regions]. Locals with Russian assistance. They haven’t started actively yet, but if they push forward – it’ll be late, then it’ll be very hard to turn them out for years. Killings on purpose are to be expected there, everybody who was spotted will be under mortal threat, the role of a herd is prepared for all the rest.

6. Despite losses, Maidan shows miracles of self-organization, but it’s extremely too low for Kyiv.

7. There are enough people at Maidan and among opposition MPs, who are capable of organizing a  temporary authority, but for now nobody takes it up. However, now is not the time for shyness, it costs real lives.

It results in a simple conclusion:

Politicians, former and current MPs: Lutsenko, Stetskiv, Parubiy, Hrymchak, Orobets, Kubiv, others – gather immediately in any suitable hall, form the government and finally take charge of everything. Form the authority ab initio, you absolutely know how to do it

By morning a temporary government of Ukraine should be created, as well as its appeal to the international community about you-know-what. The community will accept this, appreciate it and help.
Don’t be a drag, otherwise it’ll be chaos, blood, deaths, loss of the country and hell for everybody living in it.

Yulia Smirnova

So, I’ve rested a bit and go for a night… I can neither sleep, nor think. I close my eyes, and a scene before my eyes – corpses and flags over each of them, blood, tears of women and men… I can’t even sleep. I go for a night with my mom… My husband and my brother are there… It’s much easier there…
I’ll write as far as possible.



The most important news of the hour:

Verkhovna Rada forbid carrying on the antiterroristic operations and use of weapons by 236 votes.

SSU [SBU] is obliged to cancel the antiterroristic operation immediately.

MIA – to return their employees to their stations and to unblock the roads.



Ukrainian parliament passes resolution to pull back troops from #Kiev http://on.rt.com/4esl1g #euromaidan #Ukraine
(The outspoken and incomparable MP, Oleh Lyashko, centre, looks thrilled)

UPDATE ON SESSION IN VERKHOVNA RADA239 MPs registered in Verkhovna Rada.

The decision on the following has just been adopted: the conviction of the actions of the riot police against the peaceful protesters; return of the riot police (militia, Berkut, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine) from Kyiv to the places of their usual places of stationing; the ban on any kind of limitation of movement of people and vehicles throughout the country (i.e. fixing roadblocks); anti-terrorist operation should immediately be cancelled; all arrested activists during the mass protests should be freed.

February, 20, 2014
22:14 (Kyiv time)


Important statement by PM Stephen Harper on Canada’s response to the escalation of violence in Ukraine:

“Canada continues to be outraged by the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Our Government has responded by introducing a travel ban on the regime’s senior leaders and announcing medical aid to assist the protestors in their time of need. Today, our Government is taking additional action to increase pressure on the regime to end the violence.

“We are imposing an expanded travel ban which will prevent senior members of the Ukrainian Government and other individuals, who bear political responsibility for the violence, from travelling to Canada. This expands the scope of travel restrictions announced on January 28th. We will also be imposing economic sanctions on the Yanukovych regime and its supporters.”

Read more at: http://bit.ly/1c5m4wV

Hon. Benjamin L. Cardin, Chairman
Hon. Christopher H. Smith, Co-Chairman
For Immediate Release www.csce.gov
February 19, 2014

WASHINGTON — U.S. Helsinki Commission Chairman Sen. Ben Cardin (MD), a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Co-Chairman Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, today issued the following statement:

“We’ve all been shocked by the images and news from Kyiv. This violence is the result of a regime which has repeatedly displayed contempt for its people, who want nothing more than to be afforded the dignity which is their right as citizens. We unequivocally deplore the renewal of violence in Kyiv. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for justice

“The time has come to immediately impose personal sanctions, including visa bans, asset freezes and other measures, against the organizers and perpetrators of the violence and other egregious human rights abuses. Rather than blaming opposition leaders, Yanukovych needs to engage in serious dialogue with them in order to achieve a meaningful political solution that would get Ukraine back on the road to peace, prosperity and democracy. The U.S. and EU should use the available tools at its disposal to contribute to a peaceful resolution of this crisis. The OSCE in particular should employ its resources and mechanisms to monitor and mitigate the serious human rights concerns.

# # #

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the U.S. Helsinki Commission, is an independent agency of the Federal Government charged with monitoring compliance with the Helsinki Accords and advancing comprehensive security through promotion of human rights, democracy, and economic, environmental and military cooperation in 57 countries. The Commission consists of nine members from the U.S. Senate, nine from the House of Representatives, and one member each from the Departments of State, Defense, and Commerce.

Media Contact: Shelly Han
# # #

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