Jennifer Carroll: Maidan update (Photo)

Jennifer Carroll: Maidan update


Maidan update:

–The square is very peaceful and very crowded. People are hard at work cleaning up the mess and destruction that was either caused by or made a necessity by the actions of the riot police.

–Overwhelming amounts of medical supplies have come in for the hospitals. We visited four today: in Kyiv City Hall, in the Central Post Office, in St. Michaels, and in the Ukrainskyy Dim. In all 4 places, there were very few patients. Most of the severe cases have been transferred out to city hospitals, and there are few new injuries coming in—no severe ones at least. At each location they said that they had no need for supplies, and that specialists were purchasing goods as needed with funds donated to Maidan.

–The main square stinks. Badly. The trade union building has stopped burning. The tires have stopped burning, but everything is covereed in melted plastic and slick grease and it’s gross. People are working hard to clean up. There is a significant amount of refuse being cleared out of the trade union building.

–The IT tent is gone. the library is gone. The art center is gone. the Open University of Maidan is gone. So many wonderful things did not survive the police raid.

–Barricades are actively being built near Hrushevskoho. A brick wall is being constructed across the street, and tires are being brought in in large quantities to make a large barrier on the hill near the park.

–Officers from the Ministry of the Interior in dress uniform marched into the square today, accompanied by self defense brigades and wearing yellow and blue ribbons in support of the protests. No other police were to be seen anywhere, not even on Hrushevskoho.

Priests, security guards, and medical workers coordinating material donations in front of once-again-occupied City Hall:

Self-defense brigades take a break, have a smoke, read the paper:

Ammunition, grenades, and other improvised weapons used by the police against protesters in the last 2 days:

The Cossack drum corps:

Two women prepare molotov cocktails:

Lots of damage has been done to the square. Lots of people are very tired and very grateful for hot tea:

The aftermath of the fire in the Trade Union building:

Molotov cocktails at the ready…or, rather, abandoned here on this ledge:

Officers in dress uniform from the Ministry of the Interior (the ministry with authority over the Berkut and riot police) wear ribbons of solidarity and march into Maidan, under the protection of Maidan Self Defense volunteers, to support the people.

In case this is not immediately obvious, THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING THING EVER EVER. holy goodness:

Crowds gathering around St. Michaels, which has become a make shift hospital:

A small mountain of bedding materials and linens that have been donated to the field hospital at St. Michaels:

Emergency medical responders working at St Michaels. Their uniforms identify them as emergency workers from L’viv:

A very small portion of the medical supplies donated to St Michaels. Stacks of boxes like this literally surround the building:

more donated medical supplies at St. Michaels:

Boxes upon boxes of donated syringes, sorted into 10mL, 15mL and 20mL piles:

The hospital in the sanctuary of St. Michaels Cathedral:

The medical team working inside St. Michaels:

“Here begins the territory of freedom.”

Major efforts are underway to clean up the Ukrainskyy Dim, which got really trashed during all the police raids. That awesome floor zamboni is literally sucking up like a cm of mud off the floor:

A team of about 8 women cleaning the floors in Ukrainskyy Dim:

The field hospital inside the lobby of the Ukrainskyy Dim:

The field hospital inside Ukrainskyy Dim:

All that remains of the Maidan Library. 😦

A team of lovely women are cleaning the floors in the basement. They agree to have their picture taken, but they are shy about it. 🙂

Kitchens are still operating at full steam:

A group of about 50 people are working to roll and pass tires up hill to where they are being stacked into a barricade. Not the number of people here in nice coats and dress shoes:

Building barricades out of tires:

Protesters have torn up cobblestone from the street and built a brick wall across Hrushevskoho st.:

People gather to take photos and observe the construction on Hrushevskoho:

The inner barricade by the arch of the stadium still stands, though the buses that once served as the backbone of the structure have all been hauled away:

a new barricade on European Square:

On the new barricade on European Square:

Men investigate a public toilet that has been torn open from the inside. Those who were present on the square yesterday claim that a police officer stashed himself into this steel box and used it as a vantage point from which to fire on protesters:

The Trade Union building. Very unfortunate that this happened. Protesters are working in large numbers to clean debris out of this beautiful building. Hopefully there will be something to restore in the end:

The People’s Manicure!

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