Ukrainian officials had been warned against launching special ops

photo by

Hennadiy Moskal (MP, Batkivshchyna), Facebook

Yesterday, 18 February, at 20.00, two security operations were undertaken with the purpose of completely cleaning out the Maidan, the Ukrainian House, the Trade Union House and the October Palace. The first operation, named Khvylya (Surge), can be launched only by the order of the Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko. The operation is being prepared and managed by deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushnyak, head of the Ministry’s Public Security Department Oleksandr Krykun, head of the Public Security Department for Kyiv Valeriy Mazan, and head of the Kyiv Central Office of the Ministry and Commander of Interior Ministry Special Forces Stanislav Shulyak.

The second operation, named Boomerang, is being carried out with troops from the Anti-Terrorist Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is being planned and managed by deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Volodymyr Totskiy, head of the Ministry’s “T” department for national affairs Serhiy Potiyevskiy, head of the Ministry’s Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast departments Oleksandr Shchoholyev, and the commanders of the anti-terrorism department “M” and special operations department “P” (under Ukrainian law, the names of the last two officials cannot be disclosed).

According to theory and practice, similar operations should not continue for more than 30 minutes. After that period, a protracted opposition is set in motion that can easily turn into civil war. These conditions are described in all textbooks on conducting special operations, if in fact anybody in the leaderships of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) even bothered to understand them.

It is possible the two special operations against the protesters, Khvyla and Boomerang, have been launched repeatedly during the duration of the protests. A well-known specialist in Russian anti-terrorist operations and hero of the Russian Federation was invited to one of the meetings at the president’s administration. There is documented evidence that he crossed the Ukrainian border at the time. The Russian specialist harshly criticized the proposed the Interior Ministry and SBU’s special operations plans, calling its authors professionally incompetent, and warned against implementing Khvylia and Boomerang, indicating that these operations would result in high casualties on both sides and have unintended consequences in the future. As we can see today, this advice turned out to be correct. However, it was not heeded by anyone.

Responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine now lies with the Interior Ministry and SBU officials listed above.

Source: Moskal’s FB

Translated by Anna Mostovych, edited by Robin Rohrback

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