Petition by Ukrainian lawyers in response to the situation in Ukraine

February 7, 2014
Translated by Olia Knight

We, the undersigned, are professional lawyers who cannot and will not accept lawlessness, which has been unfolding before our eye in Ukraine for the past two and a half months. Moreover, the events of the past weeks in Ukraine have proven that violations of law and elementary principles of human morals are not only widespread, but are systematically endorsed by public authorities.

As a result of the heroic and sacrificial work of hundreds of journalists and civil activists, the entire country has received unequivocal proof of crimes committed en masse by all branches of Ukrainian government:

  • The MPs vote for bills without reading them, pressured by those who must be controlled and restrained,
  • The police protect those who break the law and torture peaceful protesters, and
  • Courts knowingly issue illegal judgments without doing any research, as well as in complete disregard of the circumstances of a case.

These illegal and criminal actions have become so widespread and public that they cannot be hidden by any statements or creative interpretation of the facts. It is quite evident that none of the cases where abuse of power has been reported, was adequately assessed by public authorities.

Unfortunately, we must acknowledge that the major reason for current events is a long-term destruction of the basic principles of the establishment and functioning of state authorities in Ukraine. Today, the entire state machinery has become a moneymaking machine that ceased to perform its primary and only function – serving its people.

These processes started before current leaders came to power, however they peaked during their reign and started to threaten not only the economy, but the lives and well-being of all Ukrainians. Thousands of lives have been maimed; millions of Ukrainians lost trust in the law, as well as the people entrusted to protect it.

Given the dire, catastrophic situation as to the observation of human rights and the functioning of the Ukrainian State, we:

  • Are ready to provide all evidence collected by us along with our own analysis of actions performed by agents of government authority;
  • Ask all concerned lawyers to join us in our efforts to document all common offences, giving them professional judgement and protection for the victims;
  • Require that all civil and professional organizations claiming to represent the interests of lawyers, namely:
  • Association of Lawyers of Ukraine (APU)
  • Union of Ukrainian Lawyers
  • Union of Advocates of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian National Bar Association,

to immediately determine their own assessment of the situation in Ukraine and provide a legal qualification of the actions of state authorities. We will consider any absence of your official position regarding an analysis of such actions a full and unconditional agreement with the lawlessness of state authorities;

  • We demand that public authorities at all levels stop the lawlessness and initiate public dialogue on the structural reform of public authorities, including law enforcement and courts;
  • We remind all our colleagues both in uniform and in plain clothes, as well as civil servants that they always have the option to refuse to commit illegal acts and to remain humans – resigning their jobs at their own volition. On our end, we will assist as much as possible to ensure that those government officials guilty of violating the law bear the full responsibility without any time limitations on its execution for their involvement in it.


Mykola Orlov, advocate
Kyrylo Levterov
Igor Ogorodniychuk
Valery Bitsyuk, advocate
Oleksandr Martynenko
Illya Kostin, advocate
Inna Rafalska, advocate
Borys Danevych, advocate
Lana Sinichkina
Andriy Guk
Volodymyr Sushchenko
Yaroslav Teklyuk, advocate
Nazar Fedorchuk
Maksym Cherkasenko
Tetyana Kozachenko
Victoria Ptashnyk
Mykola Siryi, advocate
Sergiy Tyurin, advocate
Oleg Polishchuk, advocate
Serhii Sviriba
Oksana Ilchenko
Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi
Oleksiy Filatov, advocate
Sergiy Shklyar
Sergei Kozyakov
Oleksandra Pavlenko
Oleksandr Domashenko
Andriy Sereda
Kostyantyn Pilkov, advocate
Andriy Trembych, advocate
Oleksandr Franchuk, advocate
Maryna Lilichenko, advocate
Vyacheslav Sokolov
Mykola Yeremenko, advocate
Andriy Avtorgov, advocate
Olga Lyuber, advocate
Evgeniy Stelmakh, advocate
Roman Greba, advocate
Dmytro Nazarets, advocate
Iryna Didkovska, advocate
Yuriy Laptiy
Oleksandr Shevchenko, advocate
Vitaly Vedmedev, advocate
Oleksandr Lapin, advocate
Pavlo Dykan, advocate
Andriy Steblevskiy, advocate
Yaroslav Tuk
Tamara Atamas, advocate
Ivan Kost, advocate
Svitlana Petrakivska, advocate
Andriy Levkovets, advocate
Andriy Boginkevych, advocate
Kostyantyn Porosolov
Vladyslav Sokolovskyi, advocate
Vitaly Tytych, advocate
Nataliya Zavgorodnya, advocate
Anton Lukovkiv, advocate
Nataliya Dankovska, advocate
Roman Maselko
Yuri Kushnir, advocate
Yaroslav Abramov
Oleksiy Pustovit
Zoya Zamikhovska
Maksym Sysoyev, advocate
Irina Paliashvili
Margarita Karpenko
Arthur Kotenko
Sergiy Benedyuk
Mykhaylo Gurskiy
Denis Maystrenko
Roman Tytykalo
Dmytro Mykhaylenko
Igor Rozkladay
Oleksandr Padalka
Oleksandr Onishchenko, advocate
Oleksandr Pashchenko, advocate
Dmytro Denisov, advocate
Kateryna Ishchenko
Taras Kyslyy, advocate
Maksym Syurenko, advocate
Olena Storozhuk, advocate
Olga Stolyarchuk
Tetyana Koren, advocate
Igor Cherezov, advocate
Denys Rabomizo, advocate
Leonid Chernyavskyi
Yulia Cherkashyna, advocate
Olena Sotnyk, advocate
Yevgen Kolomiets, advocate
Mykhaylo Spasov, advocate
Dmytro Loshakov, advocate
Yulianna Rodych
Roman Smaliuk
Natalia Romanyuk, advocate
Dmytro Pogorelyi
Oleksandr Trubach, advocate
Maksym Vasiliev, advocate
Yulia Buzikova
Dmytro Gnenny, advocate
Sergiy Laputko, advocate
Oleksandr Kurdydyk, advocate
Tetyana Zamorska
Svitlana Musiyenko
Galina Zagorodnyuk, advocate
Mladena Kachurets
Leonid Antonenko, advocate
Oleksiy Sereda
Lyubomyr Drozdovskyi, advocate
Yuliana Revyuk, advocate
Olga Kozlyakovska, advocate
Olena Tkachenko, advocate
Dmytro Tymoshchenko
Andrii Pryimak
Ganna Stretovych
Andriy Stelmashchuk
Natalia Mozgova
Inna Laska
Andriy Tsvyetkov, advocate
Volodymyr Bobryk
Dmytro Gadomsky, advocate
Mykhailo Pergamenshchyk, advocate
Vira Prokhira
Oleksandr Mamunya
Anna Rabomizo
Oleg Polishchuk, advocate
Sergiy Chaplyan, advocate
Sergiy Mityurin, advocate
Sergiy Yaroshenko, advocate
Alina Samarets, advocate
Nadiya Cherkasova, advocate
Yury Mykhalski, advocate
Yosyp Zazulyak, advocate
Kateryna Kovalevska, advocate
Andriy Stelmashchuk
Vitaly Makhinchuk, advocate
Oleksandr Babich, advocate
Anton Garmatyuk, advocate

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