VOICES OF THE REVOLUTION: From now on I will continue my peaceful protests in Europe – RUSLANA –

Ruslana Lyzhychko
January 31, 2014, FB status update

Translated by Olia Knight 
Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=723843917626140&id=635416686497814


From now on, I will continue my peaceful protests in Europe. It is legal to publicly voice my opinions there while it is illegal in Ukraine.

I will publicly inform Europe about unprecedented human rights violations since Ukraine’s independence witnessed by me, and because of which I have been warned about a possible attempt on my life.

Ukraine is experiencing a breakdown of its legal system, when people are abducted and immediately sentenced without notification of their advocates and relatives. Ukrainians are being constantly threatened, police persecute people because of their ethnic origin, because of the presence of national symbols (flags, ribbons, etc) or other signs of their participation or support of peaceful protests on Maidan.

My public struggle with Yanukovych’s regime is the demand for sanctions against those in power, those who violated human rights in Ukraine.

The fact that the people who keep their money in European banks are responsible for bloody terror in Ukraine is unacceptable. The government that works with bandits is criminal. Sanctions against Klyuev, Zakharchenko and Azarov could stop future governmental crimes in Ukraine.

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