Irena Karpa: We will win one way or another


By Iryna Slavinska


“Ukrainska Pravda. Life” presents the decoded conversation of Iryna Slavinska with the writer Irena Karpa in respect of the recent events.qarpa

– Tell us, what are you doing here? Came to breathe some fresh air?

– Beauty treatment, facial skin treatment. No, I came to look at the situation, to be a ‘pixel’, to stand together with those who care. I understand that I am not a fighter, though, maybe, I would be able to attract more guys here thanks to my own experience, as they are better at defence than me.

–  Tell us, please, what do you think about this front line on Hrushevskoho Street? What has happened, at all, and why did this confrontation of powers begin on January 19?

– People are fed up with the inactivity. Frankly, any army that has been kept out of battle degrades; so if there hadn’t been some kind of action sometime soon, everyone would have just gone home. Like melting snow.

Then a black frost came, our ‘three ponies with bells on’ couldn’t say anything productive, as usual; and when they said that people are the leaders of the protest, people got carte blanche. Probably, each Ukrainian had the same idea of throwing a Molotov-cocktail since the beginning.

In the same evening I came here to see the so-called provocateurs. And wrote at once that I saw the same people who had stood at Maidan before – women in sheepskin coats with Gospels, girls in tights, medics. Absolutely the same people. I didn’t know how that all began, who was the first to throw a stone at the saint “Berkut”, anyhow, the mood is completely mutual now. It was just that there was no structuring, no united command – through the fault of the so-called leaders or absence of them. For example, when this perverted “Berkut” ran out and was seizing people from the crowd (when the first-aid post was destroyed), it was very clear that nobody rushed at them.

So I would like to ask all people who have some military training to organize everything properly. I am speaking about defence. Naturally, I can’t urge to extremism. I am saying that they should stand up for their fellows. If these brutes apply aimed fire against the press, shoot the medics and humble people, demonstrating this mockery… And you can’t complain to the police, can’t apply to the court; the injured are taken away from hospitals, are finished off.

I have never thought that I would have to live in such conditions; and at the same time I think that every one of us cries several times a day, when nobody sees, including men.

By the way, those who are far away suffer a lot. For example, my brother who lives in Germany. People can’t get here in a day, and with all these tears, empathy, sympathy we have to stand strong, calm and optimistic.

We will win one way or another. I feel that deep inside. And it is wonderful to feel this community. If only we could convince the army to take our side, I think then we will win for sure. The army is betwixt and between now. They don’t want to go against people, either: I don’t understand what a man you have to be to execute these orders. I don’t want a civil war very much, however, unfortunately, it is clear on the streets who are our friends and who are our enemies.

– The last question to you: yesterday, on January 23, people at Maidan Nezalezhnosti stated their wish not to continue negotiations. Nevertheless, it is obvious to me that some process of negotiations, even lobby, is being carried out. Do you believe at all that the future negotiations may help? If not, what may help?

–  “No negotiations with terrorists”, there is such a phrase. Probably, I will quote Gene Sharp, “One mustn’t negotiate with the regime.” Because, as we see how much they violate, is there any difference for them, to violate another additional condition of the negotiations, or not?

These monsters have the power at present; they fear no one – neither their people, nor the authorities, nor God. It seems to them that the large Putin’s butt will warm them as a bright sun. We need a more subtle plan. Negotiations (can be carried out – author’s note) only in regard of taking a chair when withdrawing from their offices, or leaving it, so that it might be used as firewood. I think the negotiations should concern only something like that.

(the text recorded by Ganna Vlasiuk and Maryana Mazurak)

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