LETTER FROM A VOLUNTEER MEDIC to People Sitting at Home and “Reasoning”

Quoted verbatim from original source, submitted by Dmitri Chekalkin 
Translated by Olia Knight

“As a volunteer medic who spent two nights on Hrushevskoho Street I hate those kitchen philosophers. They sit in their kitchens and complain about how difficult it is to live in their country without actually doing anything to change the status quo. In fact, they find excuses for their inactivity without even visiting Maidan.

I rarely curse, but during the past two days I did curse a lot at the riot police and the above mentioned pacifists.


Because I saw a woman’s back filled with shrapnel, I saw two naked construction workers who were shot at and then thrown back to the streets, I saw the wounded eyes of a senior citizen and the amputated arm of a young man. Because every five minutes they brought another unconscious body loaded with buckshot to the medical center, I felt my face burn from pepper gas and vomited from exposure.

I saw a journalist who was shot through his head. I saw more blood than a 30-year old should see in his lifetime.

What they show on TV is a child’s play compared to what I saw in real life, much more bloody and hopeless, since we could not send the wounded to the hospitals because the riot police would take them away.

We were all very happy and laughed loudly when we received a text message saying “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in mass protests!” It cheered our spirits and became a common joke.

We are hanging on and getting more organized in our work. For us, gas poisoning is like a mouth deodorant.

We thank all the people who bring us bandages, take away the trash, clean and make us hot tea.

Kitchen philosophers, your help is needed on Maidan!!! The country will not change WITHOUT YOU!!!!

Soon, we will all be defeated and jailed, and you will continue to reprimand in your kitchens about the bad situation in our country. You are what is wrong in our country!

You are the ones who do not have time, the ones who have to go to work, to school, whose wives will not allow you to go, the ones who do not have a plan of action, and when you do have a plan of action, you will definitely come. But you will not show up on Maidan. You will keep on having pseudo-intellectual political discussions. You have no courage to show up and do something.

But a 16-year old girl and a grandmother came saying, “Let me wash your floors and make you some hot tea.”

And you will continue sitting in your kitchen or at work in front of your computer and think how everything is terrible and how nothing will ever change. You will not change.

This is all I had to say, now I am off to bed and then back to my shift on Maidan.”


Maidan temporary hospital rooms broken into and trashed by Berkut

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6 Responses to LETTER FROM A VOLUNTEER MEDIC to People Sitting at Home and “Reasoning”

  1. Observer says:

    You are true heros! No other way to put it. Your country can be proud for all you people who are bravely fighting the Kremlin monster that snatched your homeland.

    They say only a time of crisis reveals a man’s character and I have to admit that present Ukraine has a wonderful fighting spirit! Free world watches and supports you.

  2. Ukraine will NEVER GIVE UP!!! We are PROUD of YOU!! We Support YOU!! And We PRAY for YOU!!!!!! HEROS!!!

  3. Would like to thank that translator of this article. Her and I worked in the same office together for some time… Great job Olia!

  4. axim says:

    She’s right, i hope with whole my heart Ukrainians wil suceed in Ukraine without yanukovich and a president that the ukrainians deserve.

  5. Gramma (Ellen Civitello) says:

    God bless you & your colleagues, & give you strength to keep up the good fight. I was a paid medic for 12 years in New York, & saw many nasty injuries, & unfortunate patients, but I NEVER had to see what you’ve had to deal with in your career.. Good luck, & please stay safe…..

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