23 Jan. 2014.
Translated by Darya Pallada
Source: http://www.novostimira.com.ua/news_89986.html

According to the most recent information, 15 AutoMaidan activists have been kidnapped over the past 24 hours. Along with this, the attacks by Berkut riot police on the car, drivers and passengers have been recorded on car DVRs.

Similar attacks on AutoMaidan activists are reported to have taken place in different parts of Kyiv.

According to information AutoMaidan activists have, the police are attacking not only AutoMaidan activists but ordinary taxi drivers as well.

We emphasize that during the attacks Berkut soldiers kept silent. They did not warn or state any reasons for detaining the AutoMaidan activists before attacking them.

Nobody knows where these AutoMaidan activists are now. MPs and other activists are trying to find out about their whereabouts and appeal to everyone who has any information to share it.

Transcript of the video:

Translator’s note: The event is taking place during AM activists patrolling the Kyiv streets against ‘titushkas’, government-hired thugs unleashed to do beatings of people and cars in Kyiv streets.

AM Activist 1 (in car): … We are not likely to stop them now. We’re passing by Mariinsky Park (police-controlled territory near the government quarter in Kyiv – translator). Numbers of them may pop out to beat us.
AM Activist 2 (on radio): Guys, the drivers have been packed in a yellow bus, a WV one. … it’s number plate is 0361. A beaten car is now near the Salute hotel.

AM Activist 3 (on radio): We couldn’t get on air to tell that the yellow bus is heading to the Klovsky Spusk Str. or to Instytutska Str.

(A white Berkut bus passing)
AM Activist 1 (in car, commenting): Here you go.

AM Activist 4 (in car): I understand there are 5 of our cars with us now, right?

AM Activist 3 (on radio): They are here, standing and bashing someone and beating his car. They are in Krepostnoy Lane!

AM Activist 3 (on radio): The yellow bus is in Krepostnoy Lane now!

AM Activist 4 (in car, to other cars in patrol): Guys, you just saw us turning to Antonova Str. If anything, we work all together.

AM Activist 4 (in car, to telephone): Just stop you ringing!!

AM Activist 6 (in car): … Don’t beat them! I see what the other is doing…

AM Activist 7 (on radio, all call): All call! All cars go to Krepostnoy Lane! All cars go to Krepostnoy Lane!

AM Activists: Guys, don’t beat the car! Please, don’t! Easy! Easy!

(Berkut soldier beating the car)

AM Activists: Start the engine! Go! Go!

(Other Berkut soldiers join the beating)

AM Activists: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! She’s my wife! What are you doing?!

AM Activist 1: Guys, don’t! We’re going home! We’re going home! What are you doing?!

(Sounds of intense beating)

Police Soldier 1: … Got a DVR?

(DVR showing the ground. The activist is being led by Berkut soldiers with his arms behind his back)

Police Soldier 1: … It’s over there.

Police Soldier 3: You go to the back seat.

(video cuts.)

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