Euromaidan Activist on the “entertainment” of the “Berkut”: they put their feet on top of my head and took “selfies”

Ukrainska Pravda, Friday, 24 January 2014, 18:33

Translated by Olena Harasymiv

Mykhaylo Havriliuk on Maidan

Mykhailo Havryliuk on Maidan

Mykhailo Havryliuk, who was brutally tortured by “Berkut” police has been rescued by Afghan war veterans and Automaidan activists. He had spoken in the Headquarters of the National Resistance in Ukraine to the journalists on Friday about the details of his detention by the police and their actions.

He said that during the attack he was leaving one of the last as he was trying to help the wounded who was hit by the bombshell.

“Then they grabbed me, dragged me to their side and started to beat me. They pushed me down on the ground, put their feet on top of my head and took self-photos. It was a sort of entertainment for them,” – Havryliuk said.

“They were taking turns hitting me. Then someone proposed to cut my hair. They were holding my head and cutting my hair bit by bit with knives,” – continued the activist.

Havryliuk said there were a couple of officers who, after a certain period of time, started to tell the rest to stop beating him, but the majority refused to listen to them.”

“When they had enough of beating me, they dragged me into their van and took me to the police department. I was in and out of consciousness all that time. Then the ambulance picked me up from the police department. Afghan veterans helped me to get out, away from the police in the hospital, and then an Automaidan activist picked me up by car,” – he said.

Havryliuk is not feeling very well, but is in a good humour. “They created a corridor and were trying to force me to walk past them, but I did not do it. I am not a fool! I am also a Kozak! And I warn those guys on the other side of the barricades that Kozaks are all for one and they will get even.”

Mykahylo Havryliuk at press conference after his ordeal.

Mykahilo Havryliuk at a press conference after his ordeal.

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