The U.S. Senate is gathering for an urgent hearing on the situation in Ukraine

11.01.2014 01:20   UA Info


The U.S. Senate is gathering for an urgent hearing on the situation in Ukraine. It is reported on the Facebook page of journalist and blogger Sergei Leshchenko. The main speaker will be Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who gives John Kerry the names for the approval of targeted sanctions under section 121 of the Act on the Immigration and Nationality USA. Accompanying Nuland at the hearing will be “ultra-hawk” Zbigniew Brzezinski. Leading the hearing will be the head of the committee, Senator Menendez, wounded in the foot last week at a meeting with the Diaspora in New Jersey. Meanwhile, sources today voiced the first name on the list of persons against whom sanctions are going to enter.

As referred to on the website Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate, the hearing will be broadcast live. They start at two o’clock on January 15 local time.

As notes the media portal of the Ukrainian diaspora, last week representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora met with influential Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. During the meeting, representatives of the Diaspora insisted that the U.S. government take a strong stance in regards to Moscow’s pressure on Ukraine, because of which the President of Ukraine was forced to withdraw from the Association Agreement with the EU. On Tuesday, the Senate adopted a resolution on Ukraine.

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