04 01 2014  (20:38)
Original article:

The Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” Hazrat Said Ismagilov said that Ukrainians should ignore the media war against Maidan.

Photo: The Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” Said Ismagilov and
Chancellor of Donetsk and Kharkiv Exarchate UGCC o.Vasyl Pantelyuk in Donetsk Yevromaydani

At present the information war around Euromaidan can be characterized as follows: we are constantly explaining that we do not stand for politicians, nor for opposition parties, and further, not even for the European Union. And they persistently “rub it in” that opposition leaders are nobodies, we do not need the EU, and “improvement” will soon come after us in uniforms or civilian clothes, but with a crust of bread and any kind of document in court. Because of the fact that “they’ve heard everyone,” and tracked many even further, photographing or shooting everyone on camera.

And, regardless of how much we say that we are not here for our uncles (uncles and aunts), but for ourselves and for each other, for our rights and freedoms against corruption, violence and impoverishment of broad sections of the citizens at the fabulous enrichment of the especially “chosen,” they do not hear us, or pretend not to hear.

Secondly, I think: we are told that “we are working for” some leaders and are not able to be an independent force. We don’t inspire. And even if all the opposition leaders suddenly start fighting, and start suing each other in court, pour faeces all over themselves and start walking around with torches, setting fire to something somewhere, yelling and laughing without reason, we simply say: “Those Oppositionists are descending into insanity. What a pity!”

We will close ranks and continue our fight for justice, rule of law, our rights and freedoms. Because we have become a civil society, and now let the politicians of all stripes and colors brush turnips, and finally realize that it is not we who need them – we are the Ukrainian people, and they need us. Without us, they – are nobody and nothing. Now we will bring them back down to reality if they suddenly feel themselves to be celestial.

Dear Ukrainians, ignore the information corruption, that wants to disappoint us and embroil us, and wants to return us again to the state of a lumpy grey biomass. We are free, strong and happy. We have faith and dignity. We are unique and virtuous. We – will win!

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