Maidan Manifesto

We, the members of the Popular Assembly, citizens of Ukraine who have gathered today at Independence Square:

aware that Ukraine is a European state, Ukrainians are a European nation, and ready to defend European values, in particular, human rights and freedoms, democracy, rule of law, equality before the law,

noting that today’s Maidan demonstrates the power of peaceful protest, albeit twice having experienced attempts to forcibly disperse it,

stressing that Maidan is one of the longest running and most popular protests in modern European history with a responsibility of upholding human rights, freedoms and dignity,

conscious that millions of Ukrainians, who went out onto squares throughout Ukraine last month have shown that they seek to change, and are willing to rebuild, a nation state based on European values, combining them with the traditional values of the Ukrainian people,

aware that the current political system, which has resulted in one person’s usurpation of all the power in the country – has led the state into a deep economic and political crisis,

seeking to build a system of government in which, finally, at the top of the state interest will be, not an official, not an oligarch, but a simple human, whose dignity and well-being, rights and opportunities for self-realization in Ukraine, does not rely on political or religious beliefs or language spoken,

conscious of the necessity of our unity and the coordination of our work for the creation of changes and a new Ukraine,

We, the members of the Popular Assembly, call on all those who want change in the country to work together or join the ranks of the All-Ukrainian Association of Maidan to achieve the following objectives:


The release and vindication of all those arrested for participating in protests, and the release of all political prisoners, as well as to end the repression, terror, threats, physical and moral pressures on members of the peaceful resistance.

The resignation and prosecution of all officials, including Minister of the Interior Mykola Zakharchenko, who are responsible for organizing the bloody dispersal of students on Maidan the night of November 30th, and for beating activists and journalists near the walls of the Presidential Administration, December 1, 2013. Those to be held responsible should be not only those who gave orders, but also those who executed them from among the ranks of ordinary soldiers of the MIA special forces.

The elimination of the “Berkut” Special Forces unit who entirely discredited themselves through their own actions. A ban on the use of military power by servicemen in the Interior Troops to forcefully counter the actions of peaceful mass protests.

The resignation of Mykola Azarov’s government and the formation of a new pro-European majority in the Parliament. This majority is to form a new technical Cabinet of Ministers, whose mission is to bring the country out of its systemic crisis, to provide for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, and to ensure the honest elections of the president and parliament.

The beginning of real, and not simulated, negotiations between the government and Maidan, with the purpose of forming a package of solutions that would defuse the political crisis and create the foundation for further normalization of the situation in the country. To this end, the Maidan All-Ukrainian Association will authorize a plenipotentiary delegation that will carry Maidan’s mandate to conduct negotiations with the government.

The establishment of a representative body of constituent power to prepare a new Constitution of Ukraine. Before ratification, it will be necessary to temporarily return to the Constitution of 2004, which was illegitimately canceled, and because of this the president illegally and unconstitutionally received additional constitutional powers. This is a legitimate way to resolve the deep political and economic crisis in Ukraine, which stipulates a pre-term parliamentary election on a pro rata basis with open candidate lists.

The communication of the ideas of Maidan to the citizens of Ukraine, dissemination of the activities of Maidan in all regions of Ukraine, providing broader communication and informing residents in the East and South of Ukraine of the goals and objectives of our organization.

The formation, based on local and regional branches of the Maidan All-Ukrainian Association, of a network of citizen self-organization that provides:

· Public control over the activities of government and self-government;

· Identifies issues concerning local development and the consolidation of citizens to
solve them;

· Recommendations for positions in government branches and honest, competent and
enterprising professionals, providing public support;

· Preparations for the society to form professional and responsible government
authorities and self-government.


Signing the Association Agreement with the European Union, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

The introduction of visa-free entrance to the EU for Ukrainian citizens. The door to the EU should be open to all Ukrainians who want to travel freely, not just elected officials.

Exclusion of Ukraine’s strategic interests from foreign bartering and tactical economic bonuses from Russia, the prevention of Ukraine’s involvement in the Customs / Eurasian Union.

Cancellation of the agreement with Russia, which caused the failure of Ukraine’s
European integration and undermined the sovereignty of the state.

The introduction of personal international sanctions against officials involved in the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, political repression, violations of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. These measures include a ban on entry, freezing assets of individuals, checking the sources of funds and property located abroad, returning what was robbed to Ukraine.

Software development, a national discussion and approval of a systematic plan to make changes in the country “European Ukraine,” the implementation of which will provide a strategic perspective on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

Ensuring fair, transparent and democratic presidential and parliamentary elections and elections to local self-government, which are a legal path for regime change in the country.


Implementations embodied in the Constitution, but not yet currently achieved, including objectives to building democracy in Ukraine, a legal state with a socially-oriented economy that considers the protection of fundamental human rights its primary function, and prevents the usurpation of power and its abuse.

The adoption of a new Constitution of Ukraine, which would reflect a new, informed social contract between state and citizens, in order to ensure democracy, public trust and the rule of law, the restoration of a balance of power between the branches of government, and strengthening local government.

The decentralization of power, giving real power to local governments, including the creation of their full executive powers, limiting the powers of the president and the authority of appointed local governors to only administrative functions, providing conditions for the development of local communities through the decentralization of public finances.

Fundamental changes to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, turning it into a body that analyzes, develops and implements national policy, and is responsible for effective public service throughout the executive branch.

Restoring justice by changing laws about the judiciary, and the lustration of judges engaged in criminal charges for unjust decisions in prosecuting law enforcement officers, law enforcement officials, judges, officials involved in the implementation of political repression in Ukraine, and organizing provocations against peaceful demonstrators.

Fundamental reform of law enforcement, including a reduction in their numbers and limiting their functions in accordance with European standards while at the same time raising the professional level of their employees, with a corresponding allowance. The situation of Ukraine having the highest number of prosecutors in all of Europe, and the police outnumbering the army, should go away in time.

Conduct educational system reforms with the introduction of a mandatory civic education course and human rights courses as part of the educational process.


We are for real and effective reforms in the country, which should take place based on European values and standards. We strive to change, not politicians at the helm of the state, but the entire current system of government that is thoroughly rotten from total corruption and lack of respect for the citizen and his/her rights.

We are aware that the way to achieve the proposed changes will be long and difficult. However, only He leads us to the creation of a new country with new game rules, placed under the pressure of Maidan, and under His control will be all: from ordinary citizens to Presidents and the representatives of big business.

Only this path, which we have to take together  guarantees Ukraine success, and the realization in life of the ideas of Maidan.

Translated by Isis Wisdom

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