Criminal Experiment: Thoughts About The Nature Of Ukraine’s Authorities

EuroMaidan Ukraine Kyiv Protest EU

Photo: Viktor Kovalenko

Source: Alex Center

I don’t believe in any of the promises from the “bandit state”. And here’s why:

Seemingly basic requests of Maidan leaders (according to the European officials – minor concessions):

  • to release all detainees of the November-December aggression
  • to punish the police forces responsible for the cruelty
  • the lawful resignation of the government, which clearly could not cope with the situation for the president ARE NOT FEASIBLE.

Any other conditions, but not these – here the opposition hit the mark. Rather, drove the wild boar into a trap.

The resignation of the government – is the collapse of the economic basis of the “family.”

While Europe and America were busy dealing with their fictitious crises and financial markets divide, in Ukraine a straight pyramid of pumping out cash from all and everyone was being built for the last 3 years, from very bottoms to the generals, even recently touching the oligarch’s classes.

It was based on “azarovskaya” (Note: Azarov is a current Ukraine’s Prime Minister) organizational system, which in turn was copied from soviet one, in its worst forms, multiplied by the scientific research of the tax general Zaharchenko. Who for this exact reason became the watchman as a minister of the internal security forces, who’s members prior to him were involved in the racketeering on a rule less scale, often competing with each other, setting each other up, and forgetting to share with those higher in command and “roofs” (groups of bandits making sure no one interferes). On the other hand, in regions, the whole institutions of watchmen were introduced, looking too much like the first secretaries of the party institutions. Only instead of the “proletariat” ideology, they established the supremacy of the Law. Criminal’s Law. Ponyatiya (special set of rules and conditions of dealing amongst serious criminals – transl.)

The watchmen controlled “black” cash, Zahar (Zaharchenko) – “grey”, young reformers – taxes, investments and borrowings. After “minsdoh” (Note: A slang word to describe the Ministry Of Income) was created, and the communists were pushed away from the Customs, the “family” financial basis took on crystal clear controllable form, inherent to the feudal society. Accounting and dividing it, but rather ruling it all was Nikolai Yanovich (Azarov – current prime minister – transl.) Twenty years of hard work in the field of constructing this bureaucratic monster that we call “Azarovshina” – made him simply IRREPLACEBALE.

The president was never interested in small details and devotedly believed in Azarov’s economic genius. Maybe one day the historians will write about the oligarchic intrigues that led to today’s situation. And maybe the economic collapse happened because it was meant to. It’s just the “Pahlo-Muhlo” (reference to the prime minister – transl.) never learnt any further than feudal relationships from his books on political economy. But the fact remains that there is no one who can replace Azirov (comical ref to Azarov – tranls.). No one to trust, nothing to check, nothing to ask. Without him the system will collapse, and with it the “family’s” wellbeing. So it becomes impossible to agree to the government resignation, especially Azarov’s government, who very painfully squeezes your balls.

To punish Berkut riot police squad? In the present circumstances it would mean to lose not only the punishers, but also the saviors. More so, if you gave the orders yourself. Albeit, even if on someone else’s advice, let’s say Liovochkin’s (the head of presidents office – transl.). It is not very difficult to find a scapegoat. But it is also necessary to punish the front line soldiers, those who strike an almost lifeless human body 63 times. And that’s the real problem. First arrest and thugs will turn their feet in the complete opposite direction.

To release the detainees? Some could probably be released. But then the horrible Tymoshenko question immediately pops up in your twisted mind. And it’s not in “zonovsky” (prison – transl.) rules to back down, especially if someone was already pronounced guilty. Especially if huge amounts of money were used to create and strengthen a unit of almost a million members, directed at oppression of the “troublemakers”.

Seven years in prison is a completely different look on life, on relationships, on everything. A look from behind the barbed wire. Doesn’t matter from which side. He doesn’t believe anyone, he doesn’t take hints. He is ready to spin, to promise, pretend to agree, but when cornered he will shoot. And even if he gets out alive, he will retaliate – harsh and accurately.

I’m afraid he is not going to fulfill at least 2 out of the 3 conditions, resisting all the way, even under the pressure from Europe. It is difficult for the European diplomats to realize that it’s not even a “sovok” (person lived in and took everything worst from the USSR era – transl.) here. A backward criminal is on the political arena, who knows nothing about diplomacy, and accepts only one conversation – you give me money, I do everything you want. Perhaps he will even throw something like “you moved 160 billion out of Cyprus, why don’t you give it back” at them.

Or maybe they are waiting when he will cross the line of legitimacy.

I am not a conspirator, but this feeling, that the criminal experiment is being conducted on the country where slavery never existed, doesn’t leave me. He did not make it in 2004, and the people came out not for Yuschenko, and not even for freedoms, but against “urka” (thieve, criminal, in prison – transl.), so he made it in 2010. And so here we are again, people with completely different views, together stood against “urka rules”. And no matter how the future will turn out, these people will never go back to October 2013.

Source: Alex Center

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