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Ex-Defense Minister Hrytsenko: Current Defense Minister involving the Army

Ex-Defense Minister Anatoliy Hrytsenko reports that Defense Minister Lebedyev has ordered troops from Dnipropetrovsk to Kyiv. Anatoliy Hrytsenko wrote about this in his Facebook post. “The question “is the army with the people?” was asked by many, impatiently waiting for … Continue reading

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Dozens of Party of Regions Members Fled Ukraine

Twenty-six members of the Party of Regions flew out of Ukraine on a chartered jet owned by former Prime Minister Azarov’s son. They left Ukraine around midnight. Khvylia obtained this information from a source in the Party of Regions. Another … Continue reading

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“It feels like we are turning from victims into suspects”

“It feels like we are turning from victims into suspects” Irina Koprovskaya, “FACTY” 13.12.2013 Source: http://fakty.ua/173665-sozdaetsya-vpechatlenie-chto-iz-nas-postradavshih-pytayutsya-sdelat-podozrevaemyh Translated by Valeria K. in: http://state-violence-in-ukraine.blogspot.it/2013/12/it-feels-like-we-are-turning-from.html Irina Kotzyubinskaya, the protagonist of a publication by FACTY and” the first victim” of Euromaydan says that participants … Continue reading

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