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19. Januar 2014: Humor (Video)

19. Januar 2014: Die Toiletten greifen den Berkut an Die Ukrainer scherzen trotzdem: das auf der Gruschewski Str. am 19. Januar aufgenommene Video. (Video: espreso.tv)

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Das Gesetz des Helmverbots in einer Familie (Photo)

Das Gesetz des Helmverbots in einer Familie (Photo) Ростислав Шпук Quelle: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=719309028102357&set=a.111083912258208.9272.100000697987999&type=1 (Photo: Ростислав Шпук) “Unsere Familie bei dem traditionellen Feier der Taufe Christi. Wir denken an neuen Gesetze… Alles Gute allen zum Fest!”

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Today’s Fashion Trend of Ukraine – Military?

#ЄвроМайдан So, did any trend-setter foresee that the latest in Ukrainian winter fashions would be hard hats? There’s a smattering of colors and fashions out in the street: construction hats and mountain climbing helms, crash helmets and metal army helmets, … Continue reading

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EuroMaidan Humor about Azarov’s “Bimba”

Recently some EuroMaidan activists launched a special humor Facebook page “Bimba” about the Russian-born Ukraine’s Prime Minister Nikolaj Azarov, who can’t speak proper Ukrainian for many years (despite the law for high officials). Continue reading

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Humor: President Yanukovych Connects People… In Protests

As it was in 2004 in Ukraine during the massive protest against the fraud of Presidential elections, Eastern Ukrainian politician Victor Yanukovych connects the Ukrainians again in EuroMaidan massive rally – against himself, as the President of Ukraine.

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