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A brief history lesson…

Surely most of you have heard by now that Crimea was a ‘generous gift’ to Ukraine made by Soviet government of the time. And although Crimea is one of the most beautiful corneners of the world (seriously, when this madness … Continue reading

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A nation that seeks recognition

Original article in GERMAN could be found here:  “A nation that seeks recognition” On the photo: Maidan commemorates the victims of the conflicts Photo of: Getty Images Europe Kyiv/Munich – Maryna Mudra witnessed first-hand the fall of Yanukovych’s regime while … Continue reading

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Monster has to go NOW

A blog entry by Azad Safarov (21.02.2014) [for the journalist reportage about victims and their families see below; transcript in English included] “They [responsible for the order to shoot on the 18th  & 19th – editorial] don’t have to die, … Continue reading

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In Greek: What the West should know about the Euromaidan’s far right element

Some time ago we posted the entry concerning the claims of Maidan representing interests and views mainly of the far right wing groups. That entry included a translation of Anton Shekhovtsov’s blog. We have been offered its translation  in Greek. You … Continue reading

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Maidan-As-It-Is: the extreme right wing & EuroMaidan OR “Glory to Ukraine”…

I live abroad. I have friends here. I love my friends. But… I get really frustrated when I am being told that Maidan is ruled by right wing extremists. No, it is not! It’s just your blasted media that seeks … Continue reading

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