News from Oleksandr Kostenko #FreeKostenko

By Yana Goncharova, Russian activist
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

News from [Oleksandr] Sasha Kostenko:

A few weeks ago Sasha was taken to the hospital to determine how important it is to perform surgery on his arm [VoU Editor: which was broken under state torture over 2 years ago in February of 2015]. Of course, the doctors’ consultation said that, at the moment, they do not consider surgery on his arm to be a necessity. Prison doctors are certain that when Sasha gets out [of prison, VoU Ed: his sentence ends in September of 2018], he can then have the surgery once he’s free.

Kostenko has problems with his immune system,; he was often ill during the winter, and his arm continues to hurt. He has been sent vitamins and pain medications [from the outside].

For over six months now, the prison administration has had no complaints [against him]; he was not put in SHIZO [penal isolation] and, in principle, everything is fairly calm.

Yesterday the Presidium of the Kirov Regional Court cancelled the court decision and the appeal for UDO [grant of parole]: in other words, Kostenko’s petition will be reviewed again.

Sasha receives some letters, but recently there are fewer. Write to him with an interesting story or tell him about your journey – he will be pleased to hear from you.

His address is:
613049, Kirov region, Kirovo-Chepetsk, ul.Ovrazhnaya, 16, IK-5,
Kostenko Alexander Fedorovich, born in 1986.

Or write a message to Sasha at Slova Svobody [Words of Freedom FB page]:, we will definitely send them all to him!

IK-5, where Aleksandr Kostenko is serving his sentence. Photo: May 16, 2017

Source: Yana Goncharova FB


Halya Coynash, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group: “Russia refuses to investigate torture of Ukrainian it jailed in revenge for Euromaidan”

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