Reforms in Ukraine: Ukrainian entrepreneurs can now take part in public procurement from other countries

By Economic Pravda posted in Reforms in Ukraine, which collects and posts all reforms in Ukraine since the Maidan revolution
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Reform enacted by: Economics Ministry 

Ukraine has joined the World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (Government Procurement Agreement, GPA), which will allow Ukrainian entrepreneurs to participate in international tenders.

Deputy Minister for Economic Development Maxim Nefedov announced this on his Facebook page.

“The Ukrainian application to join the GPS (Agreement on public procurement) was unanimously approved by the parties to the agreement. The path which began in 2011 has finally reached its successful conclusion” – he said.

“This is a clear diplomatic victory of Ukraine, under the auspices of its accession to the WTO, which opens a reciprocal market access to public procurement” – said the deputy minister.

According to him, for Ukraine this is economically beneficial, “since our market has already been open to foreigners for many years.”

“In any case, even if it was not, foreign companies could afford to open branches in Ukraine and trade through them,” – said Nefedov.

He also noted that the markets of other countries were closed to our manufacturers – and it is hard to expect that the average domestic enterprise would open a branch in New Zealand or Norway.

“In fact we are joining under the scheme of ‘we are not changing anything in our legislation – but we are gaining access to your markets,’” – concluded the deputy minister.


Sources: Economic Pravda
Reforms in Ukraine


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