Reforms in Ukraine: The cancellation of ‘sales certificates’ at the registration authority

Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs, posted in Reforms in Ukraine, which collects and posts all reforms in Ukraine since the Maidan revolution
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine
Reform enacted by: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (MIA)

 The Cabinet abolished the need to provide a ‘certificate of sale’ [a document confirming the ownership of a buyer for a car or other vehicle] in the registration of vehicles. The decree was approved at a meeting of the government.

As Interior Minister Arsen Avakov explained, the cost of the ‘certificate of sale’ is 29 UAH, and people who are registered transport, private companies selling them from 500 to 2 thousand.

Premier Yatsenyuk counted on a calculator during the meeting that the cancellation of certificates saves about 118 million for citizens.

Now it is enough for the seller and buyer to sign an agreement in the service center of the MIA to register cars, or to provide a notarized agreement or exchange contracts.

Avakov wrote in his Facebook post:
“Attention, motorists! From today we are ‘killing’ the ‘certificate of sale’ – the Queen of corruption in the Transport Police, the nursemaid to several generations of transport cops – the ‘certificate of sale’ – is dead!

Today, finally, all the conditions for this came together. The Traffic Police and MREO [interregional registration-examination department of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate] have been eliminated, MIA Service Centres have been established, procedures have changed – a bunch of sub-regulatory changes have been prepared … and finally, today I have introduced a Resolution to the Cabinet of Ministers and was actively supported: the use of ‘certificates of sale’ during the registration of automobiles is CANCELLED!

The main news: now during registration of a car in a Service Centre of the MIA, the seller and buyer only need to sign a sales agreement in any service centre of Ukraine in the presence of an administrator who will verify the identities of the participants of the deal on the basis of their documents. This will be done for free!


I think that there is no car owner in this country who did not have to pay at least once into the Transport Police above the mandatory payments (about 500 UAH), and an additional thousand hryvnias to a wily little man (not in uniform). The little man would look at the documents confirming the identities of the seller and the buyer and would give them the treasured certificate of sale on a specific paper manufactured on a state Polygraph Combine [integrated printing plant for the production of securities]. The man was selling a government-issued certificate at market price which was not stated in any normative document. But without it the transport police would not register the car!

And do you know where this private individual got the numbered forms? From the same transport police!

The transport police ordered the blanks “Certificate of Sale” from the SE “Polygraphcombinat ‘Ukraina’” and at the cost of printing (until most recently – 29.04 UAH; and now it is just 12 UAH) and sold it to PRIVATE firms. And all of this was within legal laws and regulations.

The difference in cost went to the company. Obviously, the transport police was also included in this company – completely integrated, because the blanks were delivered smoothly and in the right quantity to only those firms who shared this money with them.

Google took 0.39 seconds to find 456,000 offers to issue such a certificate. The cost – from 599 to 2000 UAH. The time of registration is from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Therefore, on average, they would make a ten to fifteen hundred UAH from EACH form!

At the same time, of course, not all firms got the permission of the transport police to work in this fascinating business, but only ‘the right ones’…

And all of this was completely in line with legal procedures and practices…

* * *

We have imprisoned and fired whole teams in the registration authority – it did not help…

We needed only systemic changes in the procedure – and today, we celebrate – it is all done!

The corrupt opportunity to rip off motorists through Certificates of Sale is eliminated in its entirety!

From today, to register a car to a new owner it is sufficient to:

  • Sign a sales agreement (or a gift agreement) between a seller and a buyer personally in any (!) Service Centre of the MIA of Ukraine in the presence of an administrator of the Center upon presentation of an identifying document. The cost of the service is only the mandatory charges imposed by law.
  • Notarize the sales agreement and provide it to any (!) Service Centre of Ukraine. Mandatory charges established by law apply.
  • For buyers of new cars in showrooms (from a legal entity) it is enough to provide the Service Centre with an agreement stamped by the seller and your documents. Mandatory charges established by law apply.

Moving on…

Source: Arsen Avakov FB page
Reforms in Ukraine 


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