A. P. Sergeev on solidarity hunger strike with Savchenko in Moscow. #FreeSavchenko

Alexander P. Sergeev on hunger strike in solidarity with Nadiya Savchenko (for 23 days on March 5th) with his wife. Sergeev is [at least] 65 years old [another report said he was 73].

65-year-old Moscow resident Alexander Sergeev, a former “chernobylets” has been on hunger strike from February 10, demanding that charges against Nadiya Savchenko be dropped. Periodically, he stands with a poster on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Serheyev said that they are forced to defend the honor of their country one by one [Russian law prohibits protests of more than 1 person], “so that in Ukraine they understand that not all Russians have become brutes.”

Published on Feb 14, 2015

A man goes on a hunger strike in Moscow to protest against unlawful detention of Nadiya Savchenko while bystanders shame him with typical Russian TV propaganda narrative and lack of understanding of what it means to defend the law of one’s own country.

english subs:

Video by Yuri Timofeev:

Source: http://grani.ru/Politics/Russia/activism/m.238713.html

Interview with his wife picketing:


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