Nadiya Savchenko fears for her defense attorneys’ lives and freedoms #FreeSavchenko

By Nadiya Savchenko, via Mark Feygin (lawyer)
Translated by Maria Stanislav and edited by Voices of Ukraine


“To my attorneys
Mark Feygin
Nikolay Polozov
Ilya Novikov

I have decided that on July 2, 2015, I will stop studying the materials of the criminal case [open against me], having studied them over a period of 1 (one) month, from June 2, 2015 to July 2, 2015.

I do not consider it necessary to spend more time in my life in prison studying [those materials].

I accept all responsibility for any procedural consequences, because I believe that the institution of the legal profession in Russia is pointless in essence, because the law does not work in Russia.

I fear for the life and freedom of my defense attorneys, Mark Feygin, Nikolay Polozov, and Ilya Novikov, in connection with their defense of me.

[Signed] Nadiya Savchenko

[His words from the tweet of her letter: “Just came from Nadiya Savchenko in prison. Here’s her statement.”]

Mark Feygin went on to clarify that this address does not mean that Nadiya is refusing the services of her defense:

“Perhaps, a clarification is required. Savchenko is not refusing the defense of Feygin, Polozov, and Novikov. She decided to speed up the process planned for August.”

Source: Mark Feygin twitter


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